September 22, 2013

How to Boot Dell Windows 7 Computer Successfully Forgot Password

How to boot dell Windows 7 computer successfully if forgot logon password? Remove password, recover or reset password, or bypass Windows 7 forgotten password?

Actually, the choices are available. The key step is to make sure what methods or tools could help you to remove, recover or bypass logon password.

As we all know, administrator can remove logon password. Just login into dell computer with it and navigate to Control Panel - User Accounts and Family Safety. Choose Add or remove user accounts under User Accounts and Family Safety. And then choose account you want to remove its password. Click Remove the password on the left lane of screen. Make sure and click Remove Password.

If you don’t have another administrator available, Windows password recovery tool will help you remove forgotten logon password, such as Windows 7 Password Genius.

What you should do is the following:
1. Create a password reset disk with Windows 7 Password Genius
2. Boot your dell computer from reset disk
3. Reset forgotten password to be blank by click “Reset Password”
The above are intended to remove forgotten password and boot Windows 7 without password.

Besides, are there other ways to reset or recover Windows 7 password? Surely, the answer is yes. Ophcrack is a free tool to reset Windows 7 password. But it doesn’t work for too long password.

1. Download it by search “Ophcrack” and install it on another computer.
2. Run it and burn it to CD drive.
3. Insert CD drive into dell computer
4. Set computer boot from CD
5. Recover forgotten password

Except, above available administrator can be used to change forgotten password. Or use Command Prompt to reset Windows password.

With the easy methods introduced above, believe you can boot Windows 7 dell computer successfully. 

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