September 3, 2013

How to Reset Forgotten Windows Server 2008 R2 Password Easily

-- Windows Server Password Reset Series

 Like other Windows systems, there should be a lot of ways to reset Windows server 2008 R2 forgotten password. However, if one of them is both effective and safe, I believe we will choose it naturally. Now let me introduce the easy and effective way. Reset Windows server 2008 password with Windows Password Genius Advanced.


1. Install Windows Password Genius Advanced on available device.

Follow installation wizard to install Windows Password Genius Advanced successfully on available device. Run it and Insert bootable USB into the accessible Windows computer, Mac, or Android phone. 
Step by step, it is not hard even for computer newer. 

2. Choose USB device and select the USB device as the password burning disk. Click "Begin burning" to create a password reset disk.

When the message "Burning successfully" pops up, password reset disk has been created.
Exit USB password reset disk and get ready to reset forgotten Windows server 2008 r2 password with it.

3. Plug USB disk into locked Windows server, set it to boot from USB device or removable devices.
Just choose BOOT option, move Removable Devices as the first boot choice. Press F10 to save these boot settings changes. 

4. Windows server boot from USB reset disk successfully in WinPE environment. 

After that, Windows Password Genius Advanced program runs automatically. If your server computer is installed with different kinds of Windows server systems, make sure you have chosen the Windows server 2008 R2. Select the account you forgot password, click "Reset Password" to reset the account password as "iSunshare@2012". 

Or you can add new user to your Windows server 2008 r2 computer. Just click "Add User" and write down user name, whose password is automatically set as "iSunshare@2012". 

5. Reboot Windows server 2008 R2 and login Windows with new password "iSunshare@2012".

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