September 10, 2013

No Reset Disk - How to Reset Windows 8 Password

No reset disk available. How to reset Windows 8 password? No matter which kind of Windows operational system you use, Windows password forgot problem is always in front of us. Unless we have not only one admin account, otherwise, to find or create a password reset disk will be another problem. 

If we are familiar with computer, believe we  all know password reset disk can be created before we forgot Windows 8 password. But if we lost this time, we can but burn reset disk with other software, such as Windows Password Genius. 

Now it’s the time to burn password reset disk.

First, choose right version of Windows Password Genius. Download Windows Password Genius Advanced and install it on an accessible computer.

Besides Windows Password Genius Advanced, there are still Standard, Professional, and Raid version. Windows password Genius supports three ways to create a reset disk, include Windows computer, Mac, and Android phone. The Advanced version will be the best choice for Windows 8 password reset.

Second, insert bootable USB device into computer and get ready to create Windows 8 password reset disk.
  • Click “Begin burning” to let reset disk burning start; after few seconds, a window pops up and tell you password reset disk has been burning successfully.
  • Just exit USB disk and password reset disk is stored in it. It can be used to reset forgotten Windows password on any computer.

Now you have owned reset disk, how to reset Windows 8 password?

Step 1: Plug USB device with reset disk into locked Windows 8 computer.

Step 2: Start locked Windows 8 computer and boot it from USB.
This step is important and is needed to learn boot settings on different kinds of computer. For example, usually press Del when starting desktop computer, and press F2 when start laptop. But the operation is not the same for so many laptops. 

Windows 8 computer boots successfully from USB disk. Windows Password Genius Advanced program runs in WinPE environment. Make sure Windows system right, and choose administrator or user account and click “Reset Password”.

This is only the password reset disk for Windows password reset. More ways to reset Windows password, learn about them here.

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