December 23, 2013

How to Lock Google Search Engine Home Page

Since Google server has been moved from China, computer users in China mainland always couldn’t use to search. And it redirects to Besides, when search results from Google search, some keywords are filtered and the results are not stable. All of these make our work and life inconvenient. Compared to, brings us more accurate results. So, how to lock as default search home page, in order to get better results?

Follow the below methods to do:  

Method 1: Lock Google Search Home Page with command “ncr” 

Previously, we type in in the address bar. Now we just need to add “ncr” command following home page address.
It will not redirect to But the previous default search address has to be

Method 2:  Lock Google Search Address with VPN 

Before you search on Google home page, make your computer link to network with VPN. And then type in in address bar directly and press Enter. It will not redirect similarly.

These two methods are common but they are temporary. They only work after you set them for Google search engine following above introduction.

Tip: If you don’t like to set anything every time when you use successfully, you have to do more things to make it work.

First, take into use. And enter Options – Manage Search Engine, add a new Google search address. 

If you want to use English search screen default, take this instead.

Second, set this search as default search engine.

For example set as default search address in Chrome.
  1. Open Chrome, and right-click address bar.
  2. Choose “Edit search engines”, and a new window pops up.
  3. Fill the followings in “Add a new search engine”, “Keywords”, “URL with %s”, and then make it done.

  • Add a new engine: Google
  • Keywords:
  • URL with %s:

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