November 9, 2014

How to Change iTunes Forgotten Backup Password without Data Loss

iTunes backup password forgot. Instantly I factory reset iOS devices, and then I could set a new password for brank-new iPhone/iPad/iPod backup in iTunes. iTunes backup password is changed, but iOS devices data has been lost with iDevices factory reset. So regretful I am.

Actually, this problem just needs an effective iTunes backup password recovery tool. Recover iTunes forgotten backup password first, and then change iTunes backup password in iTunes.

Section 1: Recover Forgotten iTunes Backup Password with Tool.

Get an effective tool, iTunes Password Genius to help you. There are two versions available. You can download trial version for forgotten backup password less than 3 characters. And purchase full version for any-password-length iTunes backup password recovery.

1. Install iTunes Password Genius on computer.

Make sure you get appropriate tool, and the computer is the one where iTunes backup is saved.

2. Run it and add encrypted iTunes backup from computer.

As long as you have not deleted iTunes backup, iTunes backup is still on computer. Run iTunes Password Genius and click "Open" button. Instantly, a new window pops up with iTunes backup. Select one you think it is appropriate. And click OK. Or click Add File button to browse and add backup file from computer hard drive.
recover forgotten iTunes backup password with iTunes Password Genius

So we should know the general iTunes backup location. See it in the user guide of iTunes Password Genius.

3. Recover iTunes backup password.

Now it’s time to make password recovery settings and click "Start" button. Forgotten iTunes backup password will be recovered in few seconds.

Section 2: Change iTunes Backup Password in iTunes.

After iTunes backup password recovery, please save backup password in a text on computer. Now begin to change iTunes backup password in iTunes.

1. Connect iDevices to iTunes on computer.

2. Click iDevices name in the top-right side of iTunes window.

There will be several options shown in window. In Backup part, there is an option "Encrypt local backup".

change iTunes forgotten backup password in iTunes without data loss

3. Copy iTunes backup password and uncheck "Encrypt local backup".

4. Type old backup password in pop-up dialog and set a new password for backup.

5. Click "Change Password" button at last.

Now you can unlock iTunes backup with new password, which will be used to back up iOS data to iTunes all the time until it is changed.

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