April 22, 2015

How to ZIP a File with a Password

In order to make file or folder smaller and safer, zip it and add a password to a zip file is a common choice. Surely the easy way to do this is making full use of archive program. Now in this passage, we will introduce how to zip and password protect a file or folder with two archive programs.

Choice 1: How to zip and password protect a folder with WinRAR

WinRAR has supported both rar and zip archive format. Follow steps below, and you can use WinRAR to zip a file or folder and add a password to zipped file.

1. Run WinRAR in your computer.

2. In the main interface of WinRAR, you can browse computer to select the file or folder you want to zip and encrypt in your computer.

3. After file or folder selected, click Add button in the tool bar.

select file or folder to zip

4. In Archive name and parameters window, select ZIP as Archive format. Name the archive or let archive name default in Archive name box.

choose zipped file format

5. Click Browse button to choose a location to save zipped file. The zipped file directory would be shown under "Archive name" box.

select location to save zip file

6. Turn to window top side and choose Advanced tab.

choose to set password for zip file

7. Click Set password and a new window Enter password appears.

8. Type a password in Enter password box, and Reenter password for verification.
Don’t check "Show password" and click OK.

set password for zip file

9. Click OK twice to finish zip file password protection.

successfully zip a file with a password

Choice 2: How to add password to zip file with 7-ZIP

7-zip is a common program that is used to compress file or folder as zip archive and add password to it. In the process of file encryption with 7-ZIP, the file you selected can be zipped at the same time.

 1. After 7-ZIP is installed in your computer, right click the file or folder you want to zip and add password to. Select 7-ZIP and click "Add to archive".

2. When "Add to archive" window appears, name the zip archive at the top box. Enter password and reenter it to confirm under "Encryption" option. Click OK at last.

Detailed introductions in: How to Encrypt a ZIP File with 7-ZIP

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