April 5, 2016

2 Ways to Unlock Encrypted RAR/WinRAR File without Password

My encrypted RAR file is locked because of password forgot. How can I unlock it when I don’t know RAR file password?

Now this article would list two ways to unlock encrypted RAR/WinRAR file without password. If you feel it available for your encrypted RAR file, you can try by following step-by-step guide in this article.

Way 1: Free Way to Unlock Encrypted RAR File without Password

Notepad is one of freeways I have heard and used to unlock encrypted RAR fie without knowing password. Besides notepad, if you want to successfully use this way, please do not type correct commands in notepad and run it as bat file.

Guide to unlock encrypted RAR file with free notepad

1. It would only support RAR password recovery when password consists of digital numbers.
2. It would take lots of time to recover RAR password because no powerful attack type provided.

Step 1: Create new notepad with password crack commands and save as bat file.

1-1 You can copy commands from article free way to find encrypted RAR file password, and paste them in new notepad in your computer.

1-2 Save new notepad as .bat file, such as rar-password.bat.

save notepad as bat file to run command

Step 2: Double-click bat file to run and open a command prompt window.

Step 3: Confirm encrypted RAR file name, path and type them in CMD window.

enter rar file name and path

Step 4: Press Enter in CMD window to crack RAR password with commands of bat file.

crack rar password with notepad to unlock encrypted rar file

Suppose encrypted RAR file password is short and only includes digital numbers, believe you would get RAR password in CMD window after a period of time. Then you could use cracked password to unlock encrypted RAR file. If numeric password is long or RAR password consists of not only digital numbers, you would find even after long time, you still cannot recover RAR forgotten password. Even if this happens unfortunately, please don’t be disappointed, next way would help to recover RAR password powerfully no matter how complex RAR password is.

Way 2: Powerful Way to Unlock Encrypted RAR File without Password

RAR Password Genius is a powerful way to unlock encrypted RAR file without password, because it could recover encrypted RAR file password effectively and fast, then you can unlock encrypted RAR file with recovered password.

Guide to unlock encrypted RAR file with powerful RAR Password Genius

1. Support unlocking RAR file even if it is encrypted with any password.
2. Easy for everyone to use for unlocking encrypted RAR file without password.
3. Fast unlock encrypted RAR file if you have lots of available computers in LAN.

Step 1: Prepare RAR Password Genius appropriate version.

Standard and Professional version are provided for users who have different demand to recover RAR password and unlock encrypted RAR file.
  • Standard version: Help to unlock encrypted RAR file on one computer with four powerful password attack types.
  • Professional version: Help to unlock encrypted RAR file with several computers in LAN and default powerful Brute-force attack.
Generally, the more CPU cores you use, the faster program would run. So Professional version would be faster than Standard version commonly. Now we will get Professional version to unlock encrypted RAR file with no password.

prepare rar password genius professional version

Step 2: Prepare client program on other computers in Local Area Network.

First, you should have to create installation file of client program by clicking Make Peer button.

create isunshare rar peer installation file

Second, move installation file to other computers, install and run iSunshare RAR Peer in LAN.

install and run isunshare rar peer in lan

Step 3: Prepare encrypted RAR file in main program and password attack settings.

3-1 Click Open button to browse and add encrypted RAR file to main program RAR Password Genius Professional. It would appear in Encrypted File box then.

3-2 Under Range Options and Length, you can specify which characters the RAR file password probably includes. And set probable password length in order to shorten RAR password recovery time.

set rar file password recovery parameters

Step 4: Begin to recover encrypted RAR file password with main and client programs in LAN.

Once you click Start button on main program, client programs would be checked by main program and automatically work one by one to recover RAR password.

4-1 On client program iSunshare RAR Peer, you can see its speed and IP address etc information.

recover rar password with isunshare rar peer in lan

4-2 On main program RAR Password Genius Professional, you can see recovery speed and how many client programs are running for recovering RAR password.

control rar password recovery in lan

If above settings have been made appropriately, you will find RAR password instantly about few seconds later in new dialog on main program.

successfully recover rar password to unlock encrypted rar file

Step 5: Unlock encrypted RAR file after password recovery.

After encrypted RAR file password is recovered, you can copy it to open or extract encrypted RAR file in WinRAR etc compression software. With successful extraction, you have also successfully unlocked encrypted RAR file at the same time.

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