August 6, 2013

Ways| Tips for Windows Server Administrator Password Reset

Series 1 - Windows Server Password Reset

 There are different kinds of ways to reset Windows server administrator password. So many, and so different, now the following passage will summarize these ways into two methods based on their common characteristics. Modify Windows programs or system files and reset Windows server password directly and easily with account and reset disk.

Method one: Modify Windows Program or System files to Reset Password

Modify Windows program or system files to reset Windows server password includes reset password with command prompt, third party software.

Way 1: Reset Windows Server Password with Command Prompt
Tips: If you want to put this way into use, you have to prepare another administrator account, because only administrator account has the right to change or reset other accounts password.

1. Take installation CD of Windows Server as a boot disk to start computer, such as Windows server 2003/2008/2012, finish loading installation image and then enter the language selection screen. Click “Shift+F10” to open command prompt screen
2. Access the partition Windows directory stored and position to Windows\System32. (The default partition is C: \)
3. Find and delete osk.exe from Windows\System32
>> Type:
C: \Windows\System32\dir osk.exe on the screen
//you can see osk.exe below command
>> Type:
C: \Windows\System32\del osk.exe
C: \Windows\System32\dir osk.exe
//Now you can’t find out osk.exe again because it has been deleted
4. Copy and Rename cmd.exe to osk.exe
>> Type:
C: \Windows\System32\copy cmd.exe osk.exe
C: \Windows\System32\dir osk.exe
//osk.exe appears means copy cmd.exe successfully
5. Reboot computer and click the button “Ease of access” on the bottom left. Choose “Don’t type with Keyboard” and then click “Yes” on the pop-up dialog
6. When Command prompt screen appears, modify local administrator account password with net user command.
If you are not sure the name of administrator account, you also can create a new account and password. The command follows:
net users admin user Password /add
net local group administrators admin user /add
7. Sign in server with local administrator account and password created or modified just now.
Last but not the least, copy osk.exe from another computer installed with Windows Server 2008, and save it on your server to replace osk.exe that has been created.

Way 2: Recover Windows Server Administrator Password with Password Recovery Software
Tips: The key to recover Windows server password with software, is create a password reset disk and boot server from removable disk successfully.

1. Choose password recovery software, Windows Password Genius etc.
Here take Windows Password Genius as example.
2. Install and run it on your available computer
3. Insert removable disk, such as USB into computer and click “Begin Burning” to burn a password reset disk.
4. Exit the USB reset disk from accessible computer and plug it into locked server.
5. Boot the server from USB disk.
Enter boot options and choose USB as the first boot device, save changes and reboot computer.
6. When Windows password recovery software runs in the WinPE, there is a form listed all account.
Select the account you wish to reset its password and click “Reset Password”. Or create more accounts for Windows server.
7. Reboot server and could login Windows without password.
In the process of reset password, it has modified registry files in Windows.

Method two: Reset Windows Server Administrator password directly and easily

Way 1: Change Windows accounts password with another administrator account
Tips: If you have another admin account, this way is the most direct and easiest.

1. Login Server computer with another user account which has admin privileges.
2. Click Start > Run, type cmd.exe in the run box, press Enter.
3. A black screen appears, type in net user, all local user accounts will be displayed.
4. Type net user “user name” “user password”, press Enter.
5. The user password will be replaced with new one. System prompts you that the command run successfully and no data of the user account will be lost.

Or after login server computer, go to Control Panel to change user account password.

Way 2: Password Reset Disk Reset Windows server password
Tips: If you don’t have another administrator, this way is worth recommending for Windows server password reset.
When you login with incorrect logon password, there is a message prompts you that Reset Password. Click the link to go on.
Insert your password reset disk into locked server. And choose it to following the password reset wizard to recover Windows server administrator password.

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