August 4, 2013

Easy Way to Reset Unknown Windows 8/7/Vista Password

If we pay attention to the way to reset Windows password introduced on the Internet or from other people, we should know that there are several ways to solve the unknown Windows password. But I believe, all of us encountering the problem want to know more about easy way to reset unknown computer password installed with Windows 8/7/Vista.

Chntpw, VB script, and WinPE are effective on Windows password reset, while it is not easy for computer newbie to put into use. However, how to use password reset disk, or user-friendly Windows password recovery software will be a piece of cake for every computer user.

Way 1: Reset Windows Unknown Password with another Administrator Account

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Administrator account is the easiest way to reset Windows forgotten password if you have it.

For Windows 7, press Ctrl + Alt + Del and click Switch User to change Windows login account. Type another available admin account and password, press Enter to login Windows 7 successfully.

Start – Control Panel – User Accounts and Family Safety – User Accounts, find the accounts you lost password, and click Change your password. Type the new password, confirm new password, and type new password hint for reminder when you forgot the account's password again.

Way 2: Reset Windows Forgotten Password with Password Reset Disk

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When you input incorrect password in the password inbox, and press Enter, there is a message "Reset Password" under the inbox on the Windows logon screen.

Just click the "Reset Password" link to continue password reset process. Follows Password Reset Wizard.

Click Next, insert the Password Reset Disk, and select right removable disk.

Click Next to go on password reset process. 


Way 3: Reset Windows 10/8/7/Vista Password with Windows Password Genius

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You may usually hear Windows password can be reset with 3rd party software. Some are free, such as Ophcrack, but there are a lot of limitations on password reset. Some will cost you, but they will guarantee your Windows password reset successfully. Windows Password Genius is such a tool made for Windows password recovery, including all the Windows operational system and applying to different kinds of password.

1. Get trial one and install it on an available computer.
 Windows Password Genius Trial Download

2. Run Windows Password Genius, take a blank USB device and insert it into the computer.

3. Choose USB device as burning media, and click "Begin burning" to burn a password reset disk.

4. "Successfully Burning"' message pops up, exit USB device.

5. Plug the password reset USB disk into computer you don't known the logon password.

6. Boot your computer from removable USB device
Start your computer and press Del or F2, different press keys for different computers.
Want to know details about boot method, please turn to set computer boot from USB.

7. When Windows Password Genius program runs, choose the accounts you don't know password and click "Reset Password". In fact, it will remove the account's password to blank.

8. Reboot computer, you will login Windows again.

If you still have any questions about Windows password recovery, read the new password reset knowledge about Windows forgot password.

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