August 14, 2013

Dell PC Locked Out of Windows 8 – Password Recovery without Administrator

As is well-known, administrator has special rights to manage almost all the things on computer. No matter whether your computer is Dell PC or other desktop/laptop, as long as you still own admin rights, unlock Windows 8 , or change other accounts information is no problem. But if you are locked out of Windows 8 on Dell PC and without administrator, how do you do?
unlock dell windows 8 pc

Here are some suggestions and opinions selected from people who have ever encountered this problem.

Opinion 1: Recover Dell Windows 8 password with reset disk

This is a nice suggestion. But the key to this method is that you have prepared a password reset disk when your Dell PC can be accessed to, or create password reset disk with password recovery tool after you are locked out of Windows 8 computer.

It is worth to recommending. And this reminds us to create reset disk just in case if you could sign in to your computer now. And Windows 8 password reset disk creation is not so hard. 

Opinion 2: Crack Dell PC with Installation Disc

Installation disc is always useful for computer users. At most of time, it is used for Windows refresh and repair. If you want to take installation disc into cracking Dell PC, in order to recover or reset Windows 8 password, there is a little adventure. First, you had better have backup your files and data on your dell computer. Otherwise, your files or data would probably be lost after cracking Dell computer with installation disc.

In fact, there is another similar way you can choose. That is to restore windows to early backup point. And you don’t have to be worried about important data loss, even though just using installation disc for Dell Windows 8 password reset.

Opinion 3: Reset Dell Windows password with Password Recovery Tool

Windows password recovery tool is designed by professional technics. After analyze Windows account and password file storage place, storage ways, most of the Windows password recovery software can guarantee Dell PC password reset successfully. So, easy-to-use and Windows 8 password recovery in short time become special their advantages. But most people choose shareware or some software trial version to reset dell computer windows password. Even though shareware can be shared everywhere, there are still some limitations prepared to be improved. For example, Ophcrack couldn’t apply to Windows 8.

So if you decide to reset Dell Windows password with Windows password recovery tool, how to choose password recovery software is also a hard question.

Have discussed so much, which is more suitable for you? Look forward to your feedback.

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