August 11, 2013

Acer Laptop Lost Windows 8 Login password

Lost Windows 8 login password on Acer laptop is so embarrassing thing. I believe who is using laptop is not unfamiliar with Acer laptop. The newest Acer V5-573G with Windows 8 Home Basic Edition 64bit is bringing family home entertainment. Generally, Acer laptop is shared by family members, login password should be kept remember clearly. However, there is another problem, Windows 8 login password would be changed frequently for family member own easy to remember. So Acer laptop always lost Windows 8 login password.   

At this occasion, if the members who change sign-in password, other members are unlikely to know Acer laptop password. Therefore, we should make preparation for this time we lost or forgot Acer laptop password

First Preparation: Create Password Reset Disk

This would guarantee you find Windows 8 login password within few minutes. Don’t look down this preparation and password reset disk. Most of password recovery software are made base on this principle, such as Ophcrack, isunshare Windows Password Genius etc. 

1. Press the Win + F to bring up the Search page, switch to Settings option

search user accounts for password reset disk creation
2. Type User Accounts and search. Select the User Accounts option, the first result.
Click it and enter User Accounts section of the old Control Panel. Select the link “Create a password reset disk”.

follow forgotten password wizard

3. Follows the Forgotten Password Wizard to create a password reset disk. 
Click Next and insert a blank USB device into it. Click Next to go on. 

4. Type current user account password and click Next to Finish password reset disk creation.
Now, a password reset USB disk can be used to create forgotten Windows 8 password.

type current user account password to create password reset disk

Second Preparation: Create More Windows Logon Ways

For example, Microsoft accounts, PIN code or Picture password are other choices for you when you lost Acer laptop Windows 8 local account password. All these operations about creating Windows 8 logon password can be completed in PC settings – Users.

Third Preparation: Third-party Windows Password Recovery Tool

The third preparation is preparation for backup, but is the most effective and powerful for password recovery guarantee. Compared with Ophcrack, isunshare Windows Password Genius is easier to operate and more quickly to reset your lost Widows 8 password in shortest time. At the same time, 100% password recovery rate let you be not worried about Windows 8 logon problem. It confirms that, one software in hand, no trouble again.

The above preparations are thought of by Windows 8 password lost suddenly. These apply to people who have lost or not lost Windows 8 login password on laptop or desktop.

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