December 7, 2014

How to Decrypt iTunes Backup with Tool | iTunes Backup Password Recovery Tips

Is your iTunes backup encrypted now? Getting tools to decrypt them is a good choice. Here will introduce two available tools to decrypt iTunes backup, iTunes Password Genius and Keychain.

1. iTunes Password Genius

During the encryption of iTunes backup, backup password is stored in Manifest.plist file. Once it is imported into iTunes Password Genius, this tool can recover backup password from this file with password attack method. Without damaging backup, backup password is found easily.

Steps to decrypt iTunes backup with iTunes Password Genius (Eg. iPad)

Step 1: Download, install and run iTunes Password Genius on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Import encrypted iTunes backup into this password recovery tool.

Click Open button and then select the iTunes backup in pop-up window. Then click OK button to add it into "Encrypted File" box.

iTunes Password Genius for decrypting iTunes backup

Step 3: Make password recovery settings and recover iTunes backup password.

Choose one of password attack types from "Type of attack". And then make settings in following part. Later, click "Start" button to let backup password recovery program run.

Step 4: Decrypt iTunes backup with recovered password.

Copy the password you just recovered with iTunes Password Genius. And then use it to decrypt iTunes backup in iTunes.

2. Keychain

During the backup, iTunes can also store encrypted backup password on the iPhone Keychain. So if backup password is unknown and physical access to the device is available, the backup password can be retrieved by viewing the iPhone keychain items.

Steps to decrypt iTunes backup with Keychain (Eg. iPhone)

Step 1: Open Keychain Access utility from Application – Utilities.

Step 2: Search "iPhone" in the top-right search field. Look for keychain item named "iPhone Backup" of kind "application password".

Step 3: Double click "iPhone Backup" and click on "Show password" in new window.

Keychain for decrypting iTunes backup

Step 4: Type your computer password for locking Mac, and click Allow (once). Then iPhone backup password will appear in clear text.

Tips: If you are not a Mac user or you couldn’t find "iPhone Backup" keychain item, this way will not work for you. And then you can choose iTunes Password Genius.

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