August 15, 2013

Ways to Boot and Use HP Laptop Successfully if Lost Windows 7 Password

If we lost HP laptop Windows 7 password and locked out of Windows, is there any way to boot and use HP laptop normally? 

Way 1. If you just lost one of the accounts password for Windows 7, boot and use HP laptop successfully is so easy.
After you type incorrect password to log in, the window will prompt you that Switch User. Click Switch User and login with another account. 

And then Windows 7 can be boot and used normally.

Way 2. If you lost the only administrator account password for Windows 7, reset Windows 7 password with password hint or reset disk first. Successfully reset lost Windows 7 password, boot and use HP laptop is a natural thing.
When the Windows remind you the user name or password is incorrect, click OK to back to login window. 

There are two choices for you to reset Windows 7 password. One is thinking of lost login password through password hint; the other is click “Reset password” to reset Windows 7 forgotten password with rest disk

How to boot Windows 7 with password reset disk? Follow the operational wizard to do is no problem. 

Way 3. If you have tried the above two easy ways, boot and use HP problem still couldn’t be solved. Just try to find available Windows 7 password recovery software to reset HP laptop password. Search "windows 7 password recovery software", it will  return to tens of millions of results. Choose effective one software from them is nuisance. If you change the search  with "windows 7 password genius", you don't have to make a choice from so many results. Maybe you can think of Ophcrack, Windows 7 Password Genius. If you are interested in them, you can refer to the introduction and user guide of them.

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