August 6, 2013

Four Ways to Create Windows 8 Logon Password and How to Use

Password protection is usually recognized as the first protection option. For computer users, Windows logon password becomes the first defense line of computer protection. So I believe we all have realized its importance for our computer security. Generally, computer provides only one way to access Windows. Similarly, there is only a kind of password for Windows logon. But with the emergence and application of new operational system Windows 8, more ways can be used to login computer. 

What are these Windows logon ways and how to create Windows 8 logon password?
Windows 8 logon ways includes four in total; Windows local account password, picture password, Microsoft account password and PIN code. 

1. Create Windows Local Account Password

Like other Windows OS, computer installed with Windows 8 has a default administrator account and without any password. You can create a password for the administrator account.

Move the mouse to the upper right side of Windows screen, click Settings. Choose Control Panel – User Accounts and Family Safety – User Accounts – Make changes to my account in PC settings – Create a password.

 Or move the mouse to the upper right side of Windows screen click Settings. Choose change PC settings on the lower right corner. Select Users, you will see under the Sign- in options, there is Create a password button. On create a password window, type new password, reenter password and password hint. Click Next and Finish to complete local account password creation.

2. Create a Picture Password

Picture password is a new way to protect your touchscreen PC. We can choose a picture and set up three gestures on the picture. The gestures are like local account password.

First, we login into Windows 8 with local account. Choose change PC settings – Create a picture password. Create a picture password window appears. 

Second, choose a picture from your computer. 

Third, set up three gestures on the picture. And confirm these gestures, pay attention to gestures’ size, position and direction. 

Compared to character password, image maybe is easier to remember.

3. Microsoft Account Password Creation

Move to change PC settings window, choose Add a user. Type email address in the box as Microsoft account, used it to sign in to Windows. Click Next to finish Microsoft account creation. Password can be created just like local account.

4. Create a PIN Code

PIN code is a quick, convenient way to sign in to PC by using a 4-digit code. Choose change PC settings – Users – Create a PIN. Confirm current local account password first, and then Enter PIN, Confirm PIN in the input box. Click Finish to complete PIN creation.

After all the passwords are created successfully, log out of Windows 8 and sign in to it again. Type incorrect password and you will see password hint, all the Sign-in options are displayed for choice to login Windows 8. 

These logon passwords not only protect our computer in safety, but also make Windows logon convenient. Even though you forgot one or two of these Windows password, you still have another chance to access Windows. Besides, the diversity of Windows 8 password is not easy to forget. Every kind of password has its features, suitable for different kinds of computer users. 

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