August 25, 2013

How to Reset Windows Server 2008/2012 Domain Forgotten Admin Password

Series 2 - Windows Server Password Reset

Generally, when we forgot Windows server 2008/2012 password and if it is not admin password, we can easily reset it with domain admin account. However, if we lost or forgot Windows server admin password on domain controller, how to reset forgotten password?
In other passages, you may find many methods that could be used to reset Windows forgotten password, while most of them apply to only client Windows. For Windows server on domain controller, we have to operate carefully in order to protect so many important data on domain controller. An effective and secure method is what we need. Now let’s see how such a way reset Windows server forgotten admin password.

1. Find a Windows password recovery tool – iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced and download it.

2. Install and run it on another accessible computer. 

3. Prepare an USB device and insert it into computer to create a password reset disk.

4. Make sure and choose the USB device you have just inserted into. Click “Begin burning” and wait for password reset disk burning. 

5. Until “Burning successfully” pops up, click “OK” to confirm that password reset disk has been created successfully. 

6. Exit USB disk from accessible computer and plug it into locked domain controller.
7. Set Windows server boot from USB.

8. When Windows Password Genius Advanced program runs, choose the admin account you have forgotten password and click “Reset Password”. 

9. The password of admin account has been removed. You can sign in to Windows server 2008/2012 without password. 

From the operation introduced above, if you are careful, you will find we reset Windows server 2008/2012 password with password reset disk, it is merely created by third-party software. If you have created one when the domain controller can be accessed to, then you will not need any software to help you.

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