August 30, 2013

Reset Windows Server 2008 Forgotten Password with VB Script

  Series 4  - Windows Server Password Reset
The passage introduces how to reset Windows server 2008 forgotten password with VB script. In fact, besides administrator and Windows Password Genius Advanced or Raid, VB script can reset forgotten password for Windows server 2008, also applies to Windows server 2000/2003/2012.

What kind of Windows server password VB script can recover?

1. Forgotten local standard or admin account password
2. Domain administrator password on controller

What should you prepare?
1. WinPE live CD: the original file used to create WinPE boot disk
2. Another available computer: to be as boot disk creation utility
3. Bootable USB or CD/DVD device: as WinPE boot disk store utility

How to Do with Windows Server 2008 Password Forgotten Problem with VB Script?


Step 1. When you get a WinPE Live CD, insert bootable USB into available computer to create WinPE boot disk.
UltraISO is the software that can help you burn WinPE Live CD into USB. And then WinPE boot disk is created successfully. Exit WinPE USB boot disk from available computer.

Step 2. Insert WinPE boot disk into locked server and boot it from WinPE boot disk.

Step 3. After locked server boot from WinPE boot disk, write a VB script like the following. And the VB script file locates at the path: C:\\windows\\system32\\script.vbs
Set ObjUSer=
GetObject("WinNT://" & "." & "/Administrator, user")
objUser.SetPassword "HackPWD123"

Step 4. Edit windows server registry offline to make script launch when windows restarts up.
  \Group Policy\State\Machine\Scripts\Startup]

\Group Policy\State\Machine\Scripts\Startup\0\0]
"Script"="C:\\windows\\system32\\script.vbs"  // script file path

Step 5. Reboot server computer and script will run and reset a new password to administrator account.

Step 6. Login server and delete script and remove script boot key from registry.
Now, you have reset a new password for the account you have ever forgotten password. 

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