November 26, 2014

How to Unlock iOS Device If Forgot Passcode

No matter from the research results from Apple, or from the questions asked in Internet, we can find that passcode forgot and no access to iOS device are problems that iDevices users usually encounter.

And this is why iOS device needed to be unlocked. After having searched, understood and checked the solutions for locked iOS device, we make a summary about the effective ways to unlock iOS device.

Way 1: Try possible passcodes to unlock iOS device

According to Apple users’ anonymous research, we know most of people would like to use simple numbers as passcode. Besides, iPhone will not be disabled if you have not tried 6 times. However, it is still not really disabled at this moment, because one minute later, you can try again, until it prompts you that connect iOS device to iTunes.

Therefore, this way can gives you a higher chance to unlock your iOS device and access it after you forgot passcode.

Way 2: Unlock iOS device with Siri

If you have set Siri enable when iPhone locked beforehand, now you can use Siri to bypass passcode and use iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, or 5S (if Touch ID is disable). Certainly, if Touch ID is not disabled, you can use your fingerprint to access iOS device without passcode.

So now what can you do after you know that Siri helps you do the things you do every day?

If it is really so, you can just press down on the Home button and ask Siri to make a phone call, send a text, or send an email etc. Moreover, if you don’t know how to use Siri, you can ask it “What can you do?” And then Siri will tell you exactly.

Way 3: Reset iOS device to unlock it

Take iOSBoot Genius to help iOS device enter recovery mode first. Until iTunes logon appears in your iOS device, your device has been prepared to be restored to factory default.

Open iTunes in Windows computer. And your device will be open in iTunes. In the Summary option of device, click “Restore iPhone/iPad/iPod”. It will help device restore to factory settings. When this process completes, iOS device will be set a new one if there is no backup for it.

So resetting iOS device should be the last way to unlock iOS device. Otherwise, all of data will be lost when no backup is available after factory reset.

Way 4: Use Passcode-Hacking app to unlock iOS device

You can unlock iOS device with Redsn0w, which can jailbreak locked device without data loss. If you are not Mac user, please choose Redsn0w for Windows version, if not, download Redsn0w for Mac.

It bypasses the code and doesn’t delete any information stored on the iOS device. This could potentially also work with jailbreak for iOS 7 devices. 

So how can you choose one way from them to unlock your iOS device? If you have no other ways, above are worth trying. 

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