March 24, 2015

How to Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode When Computer Locked or Not

Windows 10 safe mode is undoubtedly good pattern to boot Windows 10, especially when we encounter some problems about Windows systems. Now please learn how to start Windows 10 computer in safe mode when computer is available or locked.

How to start Windows 10 in safe mode when computer is available

1. When your Windows 10 computer is accessible, click Start and Power icon, then press and hold on Shift key, and click Restart at the same time.

restart accessible windows 10 in safe mode

2. As a new window screen appears, choose Troubleshoot, and then select Advanced options.

choose windows 10 troubleshoot

choose advanced options in windows 10 troubleshoot

3. Choose Startup Settings under "Advanced options".

choose startup settings for windows 10

4. In Startup Settings, you can see there are several options for you to change Windows startup settings when you reboot Windows 10 computer again. So now click Restart.

restart windows 10 to change windows options

5. Once you decide to restart Windows 10 with which option enabled or disabled, press corresponding number key to make it done. Now we are going to boot Windows 10 in safe mode. So press F4 and wait for Windows 10 starting in safe mode.

enable windows 10 safe mode to restart

Tips: When Windows 10 reboots and before entering Windows 10 in safe mode, logon screen still asks you to type password. 

login in windows 10 safe mode with user

Because computer is available, so just choose the available user and type password to login Windows 10 in safe mode. The following image shows Windows 10 safe mode.

enter windows 10 safe mode

How to start Windows 10 in safe mode when computer is locked

When Windows 10 password forgot and you are locked out of Windows 10, how can you boot Windows 10 in safe mode, in order to make full use of default administrator to reset Windows 10 forgotten password?

Actually, on Windows 10 logon screen, you can see Power button at the right bottom side, click it and select "Restart" button, at the same time, press and hold on Shift key.

start locked windows 10 in safe mode

Then Windows 10 will enter a new window, where you can choose "Troubleshoot - Advanced options". Following steps will be the same as starting Windows 10 in safe mode when computer is available.

The difference is that there is no available user for logon now when Windows 10 restarts and is going to safe mode if you are really locked out of Windows 10 computer. If you still cannot find a user to access computer, please take Windows 10 installation disc to free enable built-in administrator account on locked computer, or run Windows 10 Password Genius to create another administrator account or reset Windows 10 password for local/Microsoft account.

Once you have available login user, you will be able to successfully start Windows 10 in safe mode.

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