January 15, 2014

How to Recover Different Kinds of Deleted or Damaged Data

There are different kinds of data stored on computer or other devices. Because of incorrect or careless operation on computer, or device damage, or floppy disk and optical disk unable to read and write, these data probably would lose or be damaged or deleted. How to recover deleted or damaged data on computer and different kinds of devices?

Situation 1: Recover damaged system partition table 

Sometimes MBR in hard disk or partition table would be destroyed because of virus or wrong computer operation. System partition table damage leads to that Windows couldn't boot from hard disk, even couldn't access hard disk after computer boot from floppy disk.

The way to solve this partition table damage problem is so many, now suggest you how to rebuilt system partition table with KV3000.

Boot computer from floppy disk with KV3000 and check whether hard disk partition is normal.
And then do following prompting messages after it checks out problems.

Situation 2: Recover file or data deleted accidently 

As soon as we find we have deleted file or data on computer accidentally, and we deleted them with "Delete" button, we still could restore them to original location from recycle bin.

If we have deleted them with "Shift + Delete" button, or we find file deleted after recycle bin is cleared, only program or software could help us to recover them.

Why software could recover deleted file?
This is because Windows system just only makes a mark for deleted files but not deletes them actually. So they are still saved in hard disk until they are covered with new files.

Situation 3: Recover file or data formatted carelessly 

Format is usually used in computer operation. But sometimes because choose the wrong drive letter, and format other disk partition, but actual data on computer hard disk has not been cleared, only FAT table rewritten. Most of file data are not destroyed, so lots of hard disk data still could be recovered.
The easiest method is to turn your computer to run in DOS, and type in "unformat x:". This command would recover formatted disk partition.

But even though this command could recover all of files, the hierarchical structure of the directory would lose. And not all of computer users are familiar with the command. So now suggest you using EasyRecovery Pro to recover data for formatted disk partition.

Situation 4: Retrieve data after cloning reduction system accidentally 

Generally, we would save the image file with Ghost for disk partition where system is installed, in order to restore system to previous status when system is destroyed. But sometimes we probably would cover system section not system region when we restore Windows system. For example, Windows is installed in C:, but we restore image file into D:. Or some hard disk is set to restore to all of hard disk default. So after we restore Windows system, only one disk C: is available.

At this time, how to recover deleted data or file in our computer?
  • If you are confused with the first situation, take EasyRecovery Pro to use, which will help you recover data in Windows computer.
  • If you meet the second situation, it is a little difficult, now use Final Data to retrieve computer data and file.
Note: When we restore Windows system, we have to pay attention to that not only choosing the right drive letter, but also whether all the disk partitions are recognized as one disk partition default when restore optical drive. If this happens, don’t use optical drive. Besides, don't save important data in disk partition where Windows system is installed, in purpose of not preventing them from being covered. 

Situation 5: Recover data on disk that can't read and write 

1. Recover data on floppy disk 
If the data in floppy disk are only deleted, we could use the methods introduced in Situation 2. If there are other reasons leading to floppy disk unable to read and write, follow methods below.

1-1 Recover floppy disk data when software track is damaged.
We know that when partition table, file allocation table or track is damaged, we still could access disk, but read and write data on disk couldn’t be finished. Now use NDD to check and recover floppy disk.

1-2 Data recovery when floppy disk shows it is not unformatted
This always happens because of track zero damaged. But only HD-COPY can be used, the problem will be solved.

2. Recover data on optical disk in capable of read/write
Maybe most of us have such experience. When computer is reading an optical disk with information, CD-ROM is working all the time. But after long time, a prompting window pops up told us that optical disk couldn't be read. Even though this happens and it makes you angry, look for BadCopy Pro to help you please.

BadCopy Pro not only could read and recover damaged data on hard disk, optical disk and floppy disk, but also could retrieve file and pictures on ZIP drive and Flash/CF/Smart Media. And it is easy-to-use, so just follow operation wizard to do. 

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