January 12, 2014

How to Partition Disk for Windows 8 with Disk Management

Maybe as soon as you hear partition disk in computer, you would feel it must be very difficult for a computer novice. But actually, it is not as difficult as you think. For example, in Windows 7/8 computer, disk partition could be completed with hard disk utility that Windows they provide. And disk partition becomes easy and even you just begin to use computer now, you could partition hard disk for Windows 8 with Disk Management following introduction below.

Step 1: In Win 8 desktop, press Win + X to open Windows 8 system menu. Choose Disk Management option. And then you could enter Win 8 hard disk management.

windows 8 disk management create new disk partition

Step 2: We could see the details of Win 8 computer hard disk partition. Now we can choose one disk whose capacity and free disk is larger. Select and right-click it to choose “Shrink Volume”. In this passage, we take C: disk as example.

windows 8 disk managment shrink volume

Step 3: Now this is the key step of Windows 8 partition disk. We should type in the amount of space to shrink based on the available space to shrink and our need.   

For example, if we want to create one disk with 1G capacity, type in “1024” in “Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB” box. And then click “Shrink”.

set new win 8 disk partition size
After volume shrink, we would find there is one more available disk. But we find it still could not be used as usual like other disk partition now. Go on to the following to finish Win 8 partition disk.

Step 4: Right click the new disk partition and choose “New Simple Volume”. Type in disk space amount and follow “New Simple Volume Wizard” to create new disk partition.

new simple volume creation wizard

The whole process to create new simple volume: 
Choose new partition space amount – Assign a new drive letter – Choose file system for this volume – Click “Finish”

4-1 Choose new partition space amount: Specify Volume Size
specify volume size in windows 8

4-2 Assign a new drive letter for new disk: Assign Drive Letter of Path

assign drive letter or path for new disk

 4-3 Choose file system for this volume and then format partition:

4-4 Click "Finish" button to complete creating new disk partition.

finish windows 8 new disk partitinn

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