January 3, 2014

Notice on HDD Password Set Reasonably for ThinkCentre M

How to set hard drive password for ThinkCentre M is easy. Just start computer and press F1 to enter BIOS, and find Security option, choose Set Passwords below Security menu. Type in password and save BIOS changes. Restart computer and it will work. Set HDD password is easy but reset or change it is not so easy if forget.

When you forget or lost HDD password, you would lose privileges to use hard drive and access data stored on it. Therefore, make a backup of hard drive password is necessary and important.

The following information is the notice we have to pay attention to when you are preparing to set HDD password
thinkcentre m series
1. ThinkCentre supports HDD User password and Master password. User password is used to login Windows operational system. Only when you forget User password, Master password is needed.

2. Master password has to be set before User password. You can comprehend it like this, if you have set user password, and you could not set Master password longer, unless you remove user password and then set Master password again.

3. If Master password has not been set, and when you forget or lose user password, Windows system would not boot successfully. And HDD has to be changed or remove Windows user password with password reset disk or Windows password recovery tool, such as Windows Password Genius.

4. If Windows system is set with Master password, when Windows user password is forgotten or lost, Recover from Lost User Password in BIOS would help you clear user password and give you another chance to reset user password.

5. If connect hard drive with password to another hard drive supporting HDD password, type in right password when you see password type-in prompting message. If you don’t type in any password, you will enter BIOS directly, and hard drive information appears.

But if the connected hard drive doesn’t support HDD password, you couldn’t access Windows system. Only hard drive basic information could be seen.

6. If connect encrypted hard drive to another system supporting HDD password, as the second hard drive, type in right password and you can enter Windows system and access data on encrypted hard drive. But if you don’t type password and press ESC, encrypted hard drive would not appear in Resource Manager.

7. If join encrypted hard drive into Windows XP system as USB drive, you wouldn’t see hard drive and any information in both Resource Manager and Disk Manager.

8. But if join encrypted hard drive into Windows Vista, you couldn’t see the hard drive in Resource Manager. But you still could see hard drive parameters in Disk Manager, only recognized as unallocated space by Windows system. And re-partition and format are unavailable.

These are available for all ThinkCentre M series, such as
M50, M52, M55, M55p, M55e, M57, M57p, M58, M58p, M58e, M70e, M90, M90z, M71e, M71z, M75e, M77, M75e, M72e, M82, M92/M92p.

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