January 11, 2014

How to Create, Delete or Format Disk Partition in Windows 8

Do we still have to create, delete or format disk partition with third-party software in Windows 8 computer? No, with Windows 8 Disk Management, partition disk or format disk partition won’t be a problem.

So now just follows the below introduction to go on.

1. After you have successfully access Windows 8, move the mouse to the bottom right side of screen. Choose “Settings” in the pop-up menu.

2. Select “Control Panel” in the pop-up menu. Open Control Panel.

3. Click “System and Security”.

4. Choose “Create and format hard disk partitions”.

5. Open Disk Management, and right-click to choose “New Simple Volume” in the blank space of Disk Management window.

6.New Simple Volume Wizard” opens, click Next button.

7. Enter the amount of space of new partition.

8. Choose drive letter or paths.

9. Choose whether you want to format disk partition.

10. Click “Finish” button to make sure new partition is created successfully.

11. Right-click partition and choose format.

12. Formatting window is open, set file system parameters for partition you want to format. Click “OK” to go on.

13. A prompting message pops up, click “OK” and format partition.

14. Right click the partition you are ready to delete, and select “Delete Volume”.

15. A pop-up message prompts you in window, click “OK” to delete partition.

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