January 4, 2014

How to Remove Remindful CMOS Password on Laptop

In laptop, CMOS password is saved in password chip or Flash ROM. So even you refresh BIOS, you still couldn’t crack CMOS password. If you really have forgotten password, you could send it to computer repair shop. But there is such principle said that, don’t repair laptop when password forgot.

Now the passage mainly introduces that, how to remove laptop CMOS password when you still remember supervisor password, user password and hard disk password. Now take ASUS M2N laptop as example, start laptop and press F2 to enter CMOS setting program. Now it will ask you to type in supervisor password before CMOS setting program interface appears. Move to “Security” menu option with direction key.

 1. Remove Hard Disk Password

Turn to “Primary Master HD Password” option with direction key, press Enter and “Enter Password” dialog pops up. Now don’t type in any characters and press Enter directly. “Password Uninstalled” message prompts you and then press Enter again to clear hard disk password.

2. Clear User Password

Move to “Clear User Password” option, and press Enter. Click “OK” on pop-up dialog and press Enter to remove user password. At this time, you would see in this screen, “User Password” option shows with “Not Installed”. You would find that, even though you forget Windows user password, you still could enter CMOS to clear user password with supervisor password.

3. Remove Supervisor Password

Go to “Change Supervisor Password” option, press Enter. Don’t type any characters in pop-up “Enter New Password” dialog. Press Enter directly until “Password Uninstalled” prompting message appears. Press Enter at last, and supervisor password would be removed. Now you could find that “Supervisor Password” option is showing “Not Installed”.

If you are using Toshiba laptop, password forgot problem could be solved with password service floppy disk, which is created when you set or modify open password every time.

Insert password service floppy disk into floppy drive and press reset button. Hold on pressing F key to make sure to boot from floppy drive and then press Enter. A prompting would appear, “Set Pass Again? (Y/N)”. Press “Y” to run TSETUP program and set new password. Press N to restart laptop.

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