January 9, 2014

How to Change Administrator Password Windows 8/7 without Knowing It

While you don't know Windows 8/7 administrator password, how to change it? Following methods would make efforts on Windows 8 PC/laptop/tablet and Windows 7 PC/laptop. So if you couldn't find ways by yourself, please refer to introduction below.

1. Change Windows Administrator Password with Command Prompt

<1> Login into Windows 7 with another administrator first.
<2> Click "Start" and run "cmd.exe".
<3> Type in "net user" command to see all the user accounts set on your Windows 7 computer.
Now you can choose to change password for which administrator and other user accounts.
Type <net user> <user name><user new password>, and press Enter.

For example, you want to change password for administrator iSunshare. The command likes this: net user iSunshare 12345

Note: If you want to run Command Prompt in Windows 8, just press Win + X after you enter Windows 8 computer with administrator.

2. Change Administrator Password in Windows Control Panel

Control Panel is system control center set in computer default with basic Windows operational system settings. No matter which Windows system your computer is installed with, it is always available for you to manage Windows system and change Windows system settings. Now take Windows 8 as example.
  • Switch to Metro UI, select Control Panel and click it to open.
  • Now in the Control Panel, navigate to "User Accounts and Family Safety" and click on "Change your Windows password".
    Now click on "make changes to my accounts in PC settings"
  • Click on "Change Your Password":
  • It will ask for current password, so enter it. After that, only you can change current user password.
  • Type New Password and then click save to change Windows 8 password.

Note: Change administrator password in Windows 7 is similar to change password in Windows 8.
Control Panel – User Accounts and Family Safety – User Accounts – Manage another accounts, and then choose the administrator you want to change password. Type new password for administrator twice and click “Change password” button.

3. Change Windows 8/7 Administrator Password with Tool 

Without administrator available, third-party password recovery tool would help you to change Windows 8/7 admin password without any loss or damage.


3-1 Prepare bootable USB flash disk and computer to burn a password reset disk with tool, Windows Password Genius.
3-2 Plug reset disk into Windows 8 or 7 computers. Set computer boot from USB in order to run Windows password recovery program in locked computer.
3-3 Choose Windows system what computer is installed, and select administrator account, and then click "Reset Password".
3-4 After administrator password is changed, click "Reboot" button, and exit USB reset disk, in order to access Windows 8/7 computer with new administrator password successfully.

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