June 11, 2014

How to Set/Change Folder Permissions in Outlook 2010

Generally, we could set folder permissions in Outlook by “Folder Permissions” option. But this becomes unavailable in Outlook 2010. Even so, we could set folder permissions for Outlook by setting password for PST file.

Three Ways provided in this passage to set or change Outlook data file permissions in Outlook 2010.

Way 1: Set/Change Permissions by Outlook Account Settings.

1. Click File Info, and choose Account Settings on the right pane of window.

change outlook folder permissions in by Account Settings

2. Click “Data File” in new window, and select the data file you want to set permissions for it.

change outlook 2010 data file password

3. Click “Settings” button on Data File menus. And then click “Change Password” button on new screen.

4. Type “Old password”, “New password” and “Verify password”, and click “OK”. At last, click “Apply” and “OK”.
successfully set a new password for outlook 2010 file

Way 2: Set/Change Permissions by “Data File Properties”.

After you open Outlook file in Outlook 2010, follow the introduction to do.

1. Right-click E-mail account and click “Data File Properties”.

set outlook 2010 data file properties

2. In E-mail account properties window, click “Advanced”.

3. Click “Set Password/Change Password” button on window.

4. Type Old password, New password and Verify password. Click “OK”.

Way 3: Set/Change Permissions through Control Panel.  

1. Open Control Panel in Windows 7 and then find E-mail.

2. Choose “Data Files” in pop-up window. And then Account Settings window opens.

3. Select the appropriate data file and click “Settings” to “Set/Change Password” in new window to set password to make permissions for Outlook file.

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