June 24, 2014

How to Change SQL Server Login Password

When we try to login SQL Server 2014/2012/2008/2005 with SA account and password, system prompts us that this user account password is incorrect. How to change previous SQL Server login password for successful access?

Now let’s divide it into two parts to discuss how to change SQL Server login password.
  1. One is login into SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode and then change SQL Server login user SA password in SSMS.
  2. The other is when you couldn’t login into SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode, change SQL Server login password with SQL Password Genius or user command.
Make a summarization is that:

Part 1: Change SQL Server Login Password in SSMS

When we could login into SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode, turn to SQL Server Management Studio and change SQL login user SA password.

1. Unfold Security – Logins – sa, right click sa and choose Properties.

2. In Login Properties window, you would see the login user is sa. Retype new password in “Password” and “Confirm password” box. And click “OK”.
Now close SSMS and restart it, connect to SQL Server with SA account and new password.

Part 2: Change SQL Server Login Password out of SSMS

When we couldn’t login into SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode, we have to change login user password out of SSMS for SQL Server. Take SQL Password Genius to help you or using user command.

SQL Password Genius is one effective recovery tool to reset SQL Server password even though you are locked out of SQL Server. Something we should pay attention to are:
  1. Import correct SQL Server Database Master.mdf file locked with user password.
  2. Close SQL Server Service before SQL Server user password reset with SQL Password Genius.
  3. Restart SQL Server Service after changing SQL Server user password.
Turn to here to get detailed introduction:
How to Reset SQL Server Password without Access

Besides, user command is another way to change SQL user password.
  1. Press Windows + R to run Open box in Win 7 computer. And then type cmd in box and press Enter to run the command prompt.
  2. Type in command prompt osql – L
  3. Copy full name of SQL Server and type. OSQL -S <insert_servername_here> -E
  4. Execute following query. sp_password NULL, ‘<insert_new_password_here>’, ’sa’
Now SQL Server SA account original password has been changed, and set with new password.

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