June 11, 2014

How to Recover Office Access File Password

Isn’t there password to open your Access database file? Are you looking for a way to recover Office access file password? Go on to find answers in following passage.

Access belongs to Office. So when we are looking for ways to recover access file password, we could find a way to recover Office password. As long as the way is available for Office password recovery, it would work for Access file, such as Office Password Genius.

Now let’s see how Office Password Genius works for access file password recovery.

Step 1: Get Office Password Genius on your computer and install it to prepare for access file password recovery.

Step 2: Import Access file into Office Password Genius by clicking “Open” button.

import encrypted office access file

Step 3: Select an appropriate password attack type for imported encrypted access file.

select attack type for office access file

Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart are four kinds of password attack types. They can improve password recovery rate if you choose one appropriate for access file. For example, Mask improves recovery rate by setting “Mask” parameter, but you should have known part of the forgotten access password.

Step 4: Click “Start” button to recover access file password.

recover office access file password

Instantly, access file password is recovered. Just copy it and you could open access file with this password.
Besides Office Password Genius, actually there is another tool specially designed for access file. That is Access Password Genius.

But if other Office files are also encrypted, we suggest Office Password Genius. Because except Access file, it would recover Word/Excel/Outlook/PowerPoint forgotten or lost password too. With the same pay, you could get a tool for finding all kinds of Office password for different kinds of Office files.      

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