June 20, 2014

How to Reset SQL Server Password without Access

Two authentication modes are available to access SQL Server, Windows Authentication mode and SQL Server Authentication mode. When you forgot or lost SQL Server SA password, if you have Windows Built-in Administrator privileges for SQL Server, you can access SQL Server using Windows Authentication mode first. And then reset SQL password.

But if you always couldn’t login into SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode successfully, how do you reset forgotten SA password for SQL Server?

Now, we have to make use of third-party software and Command Prompt.

Way 1: Reset SQL Password with SQL Password Genius

SQL Password Genius full version could help to reset all user passwords set for SQL database file, master file. Just with master.mdf file and SQL Password Genius, SQL password could be reset or changed.

1. Get SQL Password Genius and install it on your computer.
Tips: Please remember to stop SQL Server Service before SQL Password Genius resets SA password.

2. Run it and open SQL Server master file in it.
Click “Open File” button on password software, to browse master file on your computer. Open it and it would appear in this software. At the same time, all the users for master file are listed.

open SQL Server master.mdf file

3. Reset SQL SA Password.
Select the user you want to reset password and whose password is unknown. Now, we select “sa” account and click “Reset” button. Instantly, a window pops up with a box. Type a new password in box and click “OK”.

Message “Password successfully changed” would tell you SA password has been reset. And then you can see it in user list.

After SA password is reset, exit SQL Password Genius and start SQL Server Service. And then turn to open SQL Server Management Studio to login with SA account and new password.

Way 2: Reset Forgotten SQL Password with Command

1. Click Start Run, and then type “cmd” in Run box. Press Enter to run Command Prompt.

2. Type following commands, and press Enter after each command line.

Osql CS yourservername CE
1> EXEC sp_password NULL, yourpassword, sa
2> GO

Above commands could help you to reset SA password in SQL Server. But if you don’t have Windows administrator privileges, you couldn’t reset SQL password with commands. 

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