August 7, 2014

How to Open Password Protected Access Database without Password

In order to protect data in Access Database, setting password for database seems to be common. But something would not always be inevitable, such as access database password lost or forgotten. If it really happens, how can we open password protected access database?

Having browsed and searched password recovery tool for encrypted access database, we have found a tool worth to be tried to recover access database password.

iSunshare Access Password Genius is such password recovery tool. Just need to import password protected access database file into Access Password Genius, and select suitable password attack type, and then click “Start” button. Lost or forgotten access file password would be found. Now, with access password in hand, whether opening password protected access database becomes easy? Take a try, you would find.

So go on following to get detailed introductions about access password recovery with Access Password Genius.

1. Install Access Password Genius full version on your computer and run it.

The advantage of this way is convenient, effective and easy-to-use. Just access password recovery software is enough for access database file. And the software full version guarantees different kinds of access forgotten password could be recovered.

2. Import the access database file into password recovery program.

After the software is installed and run successfully on your computer, click "Open" button on program screen to browse and import access database file with password protection.
import password protected Access database file

recover password for protected Access database

3. Select password attack method for access password recovery.

Four different kinds of password attack methods are provided in this software, Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart. Which one should be chosen based on what have been known about access password. For example:
  • If part of access password is still remembered, select Mask attack please, and set "Mask" parameter for it.
    make Mask password attack settings
  • If having no idea about forgotten access password, Brute-force is suggested. Set password length and password range for it in purpose of reducing password recovery time.

4. Recover access database file password.

No matter imported access database file is MDB file or ACCDB file, click "Start" button and wait for access database file password being recovered.
About few seconds later, on new showing window, copy recovered access password and open Access database file in Microsoft Access.

Is it easy or effective enough? Believe the truth you see. Maybe there are other questions you want to know about access password recovery or Access Password Genius, now please go to following references to find answers.
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