August 13, 2014

Which Version of Windows 8 Could I Choose to Install

Compared to Windows 7, there are only four versions for Windows 8 to choose, Windows 8 Standard, Windows 8 Professional, Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows RT. And these four versions satisfy the demand of common consumer, professional computer user, and enterprise user, which makes computer users’ choice easy.

Now see the simple introductions about Windows 8 versions.

Windows 8 Standard:

Generally, Windows 8 Standard is called Windows 8. For common computer user, Windows 8 is the best choice. Windows 8 provides bran-new Windows Store, Windows Resource Management, Task Management and other services only provided in previous Windows Ultimate and Enterprise. And you can choose appropriate language version according to your requirements.

Windows 8 Professional:

Also called Windows 8 Pro, a series of Windows 8 powerful technology are provided for technophiles and business/technical personnel, including encryption, virtualization, PC management and domain name connection etc. Compared with Windows 8 Standard, this version provides more functions, but they are not necessary for most general users.

Windows 8 Enterprise:

Besides the functions included in Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise also provides PC management and deployment, advanced safety and virtualization etc.

The special function in Windows 8 Enterprise introduced in details below:

  • Windows To Go: Enterprise user could get "Bring Your Own PC" experience, and user could run Windows 8 anytime with USB device, making Windows operational system, application and data gone with computer user.
  • DirectAccess:  Enterprise user could login enterprise Intranet without VPN. It helps manager maintain computer and update software.
  • BranchCache: It allows user to cache file, web page and other content, avoiding frequently repeated downloads.
  • AppLocker: Limit running file and application allowed by user groups to solve problem.
  • VDI enhanced edition: Bring enhancement in Microsoft Remote FX and Windows Server 2012, and rich experience for user because of 3D graphic display and touching device.
  •  New Windows 8 Application Deployment: Windows 8 Enterprise user could get the auto deployment of Windows 8 Metro application.

Windows RT:

This is new Windows system version. It would not be on sale individually, released only by pre-installation. There is optimized Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, but unfortunately not allowed other desktop software installation. Users have to create Metro application through WinRT development environment.

So according to the introduction above, now make a summarization to see which Windows system version applies to which kind of computer user.

Windows 8 version
Users Position
Common computer user
Professional computer user, technophiles
Enterprise user

After the installation of Windows 8, the next step is to activate Windows 8

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