April 25, 2014

How to Reset Dell Laptop for Better Use after Factory Reset

After you successfully factory reset Dell laptop, it would turn back to the status as you just buy it. So in order to use it better for our life and work, we have to reset Dell laptop on disk, drive, security and backup.
  1. Create disk partition again
  2. Upgrade BIOS and update drive
  3. Set password to protect laptop
  4. Backup system and personal files
  5. Simply upgrade computer hardware

1. Create disk partition again

Most laptop disk is set as only one disk partition when you just buy it. For managing files conveniently, we generally divide it into several disk partitions. But don’t create too many partitions unless they are used for different kinds of special functions. Generally, set some space to store system files and other is used to save user’s files.

On partition format selection, we suggest FAT32, which is not as good as NTFS on security and management. But it runs quickly and could save your system and data in DOS environment when your system is destroyed.

Tips: How to Create a Partition in Windows 8

2. Upgrade BIOS and update drive

Because of the date difference between laptop purchase and manufacture, BIOS may be not the newest. And upgrade BIOS and update drive would improve computer compatibility and stability. In addition, computer performance would improve. Especially, some special software provided by manufacturers would make computer work better and conveniently. So please upgrade your laptop BIOS and update drive.

3. Set password to protect laptop

User login password and BIOS password are two ways to protect laptop from cracking. And encrypt file with password is another way to protect file in accessible laptop. But once lose or forget Windows password, BIOS password, file password, it is a trouble too. So we have to save these passwords in safe place.


4. Backup system and personal files in time

There would be always problems appearing during laptop use. So form a habit to backup system and personal files in time would decrease your lose when your laptop couldn’t work or disk is destroyed. For example, when laptop couldn’t boot successfully, restore system to early backup point is another will make laptop work normally.

5. Simply upgrade hardware

Maybe you would ask why we should upgrade hardware. Some standard configurations in laptop are not balanced matched. And the hard disk and memory are the most obvious. They will influence the laptop performance. For example, some computer user has high demand on hard disk capacity, but all the hard disk is only 20GB or less. Now we could consider upgrading hard disk.

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