April 30, 2014

How to Easily Factory Reset Toshiba Laptop after Password Forgot

How to easily factory reset laptop to default settings? No recovery disc and Windows CD. Now popular laptop manufacturer has designed a program for laptop to restore to factory settings. This way is easy for computer users to do.

Now see how it does for Toshiba laptop factory reset after locked out of laptop.


Toshiba laptop has not been reinstalled with new Windows operational system. Hard disk in laptop is not formatted or destroyed. 

Detailed steps to factory reset Toshiba laptop: 

Step 1: Close Toshiba laptop. Press “0” and Start laptop waiting for loading interface appearance.

Step 2: Message pops up on interface “Windows is loading files

Step 3: When Windows files loading completes, a new prompt interface pops up. It prompts us that all the data would lose or be written if we continue to do.

Please connect laptop to AC adapter. Click it to go on. The process will waste a lot of time, so don’t work when there is no adapter for this laptop. Otherwise, data loss would happen if there is no power provided continuously during recovery process.

Step 4: In the following window, there would be two options for choice. Select the first one and go on.
  • Restore Factory Settings
  • Erase Hard Disk
Step 5: There would be three options following for selection. 
  1. Restore Factory Settings: Set current hard disk as one partition and restore system
  2. Restore but not change hard disk partition: Restore system to first partition
  3. Restore custom volume partition
Select the second option and it will promise system recovery on C:/ and data would not lose. And click “Next” to begin system recovery.

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