April 8, 2014

Access Windows Server 2008 R2 only Built-in Administrator Disabled

When the only built-in Administrator is disabled and no other admin account, how to access Windows Server 2008 R2?

If you still have other administrator available for Windows logon, just “Switch User” to logon is OK. But if not, how do we do if we want to protect server 2008 r2 from cracking or danger at the same time?

Actually, Windows server 2008 r2 password reset disk could work for you. Password reset disk would help you to create new system administrator for Windows server logon or reset disabled Administrator password. But please pay attention that, the password reset disk is created with Windows Password Genius, not created in Control Panel.

Step 1: Prepare Windows server password reset disk. 

  • Install Windows Password Genius Advanced on another accessible computer.
  • Run the software after installation and insert bootable USB flash drive.
  • Choose “USB Device” and click “Begin burning” to create Windows server password reset disk with USB drive. Until “ Burning Successfully” message pops up, exit USB drive.

Step 2: Create access way to Windows server 2008 r2.

  • Create system administrator with password reset disk and login Windows server 2008 r2 with new administrator.
  • Reset disabled built-in Administrator password. Login server 2008 r2 with new password.

Method 1: Create new system administrator for Windows server 2008 r2 logon.

create new administrator for windows server 2008 r2
  1. Plug password reset disk into server 2008 r2 computer, and set server computer boot from USB device. Windows Password Genius program runs. Make sure Windows system and click “Add User”.
  2. Type user name in pop-up dialog, and click “OK” to create a new account with admin privileges. Reboot computer and login Windows server 2008 r2 with new account and password.

Method 2: Reset disabled Administrator password to login Windows server with it again.

  1. Boot server 2008 r2 computer boot from USB drive first, to run Windows Password Genius program in locked server computer.
  2. Select Windows server 2008 r2 system and Administrator, click “Reset Password” and “Yes”. Administrator password would be reset as “iSunshare@2012”.
  3. Reboot server computer and type new password to access server with Administrator.
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