December 27, 2013

Reset Windows Server 2012 R2 Admin Password on Dell PowerEdge Server Raid

Lost Windows server 2012 r2 admin password on Dell PowerEdge server raid, such as PE1950, PE2900, PE2950, how to reset it to access Dell raid server now?

1. Windows Server 2012 R2 System Restore

Client full system restore is a new feature in Windows server 2012 r2. Users could create a client restore service by using the Set Up Client Restore Service task, and perform client full system restore over the network instead of using an image that is saved in DVD.

When client computer Windows server 2012 r2 system is restored with WPS (Windows Deployment Services) through network, forgotten Windows server 2012 r2 administrator password would be restored too at the same time.

Now see how to restore Windows server 2012 r2 system?

If Dell raid server is the server of all the computers, insert system restore disk into locked dell server, and start computer from it. Choose restore system and backup system files, including Windows registry files. Windows password logon information will be back up to early point or factory settings.

windows server 2012 r2 system recovery
But it is a little dangerous to take this way into use because it will remove some files created after that point on your dell server as soon as you restore dell server to early backup point.

Actually, when you couldn’t access Windows server 2012 r2 directly, you can choose to sign into Dell raid server via remote desktop, change lost admin password on Windows server 2012 r2 is available.

2. Password Reset Disk Help Reset Windows Server 2012 R2 Password

Besides system restore following data loss, password reset disk is a general and effective way all the time for all of computer and Windows operational systems. No matter when you encounter this problem or how complex Windows lost administrator password is, it is a good choice to reset Windows server 2012 r2 admin password and can be gotten by two ways. 

How do you take a password reset disk?

One way is password reset disk created in Control Panel when your server is accessible. The other way is when Dell server is locked, create password reset disk with recovery tool, Windows Password Genius Raid.

How to use password reset disk for Windows server 2012 r2 password reset?

If you have a Windows password reset disk for Dell server raid, just click "Reset Password" link on Windows logon screen after you have typed wrong password. When password reset wizard appears, click "Next" and insert password reset disk into Dell server. Type in new password twice, click "OK" and finish Dell server 2012 r2 password reset.

If password reset disk is created with Windows password recovery tool, plug it into locked Dell server, reboot server from it, click "Reset Password"  and Windows server 2012 r2 forgotten password could be reset as "iSunshare@2012".

Now reboot Dell server, exit USB from Dell server before it starts successfully. On Windows logon screen, type new password to login in to Dell PowerEdge Server Raid with administrator. If you want to get more detailed operation introductions about Windows Password Genius Raid, please turn to HP Server Raid Password Reset.

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