April 29, 2014

Factory Reset Laptop with OneKey Recovery Program

In previous traditional system recovery or factory reset computer, recovery discs are the necessities. However, with the technology development of computer, now there has been program designed in laptop for factory reset.

In order to know about it conveniently, this passage lists all of laptops that could be reset to factory settings with OneKey recovery program. And simply introduce how to factory reset laptop in this way.

1. Dell Laptop:

Start Dell laptop, and press F8 to enter Windows Advanced Options, select “Repair Computer” and then follow wizard to do.

2. Gateway Laptop:

Start Gateway laptop and press F8. In the pop-up menu, choose “Repair Computer” to access system restore interface.

3. HP Laptop:

Start HP laptop and press F11 to enter Windows Advanced Options, select “Restore Factory Settings”.

4. ThinkPad Laptop:

Suppose ThinkPad is preinstalled with Windows 7. Start ThinkPad, and press F11 or blue key at the same time to access OneKey Recovery interface. Choose “Rescue and Recover” at the left bottom side of window.

5. Toshiba Laptop:

Composite keys Fn + 0 and power icon could help Toshiba laptop access auto recovery program.

First, close your Toshiba laptop. Press “0” and start laptop until loading interface appears. At last, in “Select Recovery Ways” window, choose “Restore Factory Default Settings”.

6. Samsung Laptop:

Start Samsung laptop, and press F4 to enter system restore program before Samsung logo appears.

7. Asus Laptop:

Start Asus laptop, press F9 to enter Onekey Restore interface. Generally, there are three options for choice. Select the first one.
  1. Recover Windows to first partition only
  2. Recover Windows to entire hd
  3. Recover Windows to entire hd with 2 partition

8. Ideapad Laptop:

Generally we press power icon to start or shut off laptop. If we press Reset key to start Ideapad, we would access system restore interface. Recover system menu would pop up. And message will prompt you whether restore system to early backup point or factory default settings.

9. Lenovo Laptop:

When Lenovo laptop is closed, press the arrow key beside the power button of Lenovo laptop. And you would access OneKey Recovery system, and then see system restore interface. Two options are provided there. Select “Restore Factory Default Settings” or “Restore User Backup”.

10. Sony Laptop:

Start Sony laptop and hold on pressing F10. Onekey system recovery menu would appear, restore system disk according to the prompting messages.

11. Founder Laptop:

Start Founder laptop, press F11 and then select “Repair Computer”.

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