December 19, 2013

How to Unlock Dell Computer Windows 8.1 Password Forgot

unlock dell venue windows 8.1 tablet
Forgot Windows 8.1 password and locked out of Dell Venue 8 Pro Windows 8.1 tablet PC, how to unlock Dell Venue computer?

Unlock Windows 8.1 Dell computer with administrator or password reset disk probably are the most effective and easy way to reset forgotten Windows 8.1 password. However, even though they are easy and convenient for Windows 8.1 forgotten password, we still couldn’t make sure we have prepared it. So what is the universal way or tool for Windows 8.1 computer unlock?

There is such a tool, Windows password recovery tool integrating the principle of how password reset disk recovering Windows password, and making this principle run in easier way. So if we can take Windows password recovery tool to unlock Windows 8.1 Dell tablet, it would be better than we try other uncertain ways to recover Windows password.

Now follow the below steps to burn a password reset disk for Dell Venue computer password recovery.

Step 1: Prepare Windows password recovery tool advanced version, available computer, bootable USB drive or CD-ROM.

Step 2: Install and run password recovery tool on available computer. And choose bootable USB device and then insert it into computer.

choose usb media

Step 3: Select inserted USB flash disk from drop down box and click "Begin burning".
Few seconds later, a new window would pops up with message "Burning successfully". Just click "OK" and exit USB device from this computer.

create windows 8.1 password reset disk

Step 4: Boot locked Dell Venue computer from USB or CD-ROM.
If you have prepared password reset disk which is burned in USB drive, plug it into locked Dell Venue computer. Start Dell computer and set it boot from USB.

If you have taken CD/DVD-ROM to burn a reset disk, you have to set Dell computer boot from CD-ROM.

Until Dell computer boots from password reset disk and Windows Password Genius Advanced program runs, you would see Windows system and all user accounts listed there.

Step 5: Reset Windows 8.1 password for Dell Venue computer.
Select the Windows system and administrator you forgot password, and be ready to reset its password by clicking "Reset Password".

After forgotten Windows 8.1 password is removed, you just need to exit password reset disk and reboot your computer, and you would find Dell computer has been unlocked.

Surely, Windows Password Genius is not the only way to unlock Windows 8.1 computer, but it is certainly the most effective and safest tool for Windows forgotten or lost password reset.

The above passage introduces how to create password reset disk to reset Windows password. If without reset disk, you could follow information told here:

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