December 15, 2013

How to Open Password Protected Office File without Password

I am trying to open password protected Doc file and Excel file, but I have forgotten their open password, how to recover them or find out them easily and effectively?

Now there is an effective Office password recovery tool for MS Office file or document password recovery, Office Password Genius. Recover forgotten or lost password with it, and then you could open password protected Office file.

Step 1: Install Office Password Genius on your computer.

Download it from and install it on your computer.
Two versions are provided, and trial version only recovers Office password less than 3 characters, while full version could recover any Office password.

Step 2: Import password protected Office document.

Click “Open” button to open Office file. For example, if you forgot Word document password, import it into Office Password Genius, you would find it appearing in Encrypted File box.

Step 3: Select appropriate way to recover Word/Excel password.

There are four password attack ways to recover forgotten Office file password, Brute-Force attack, Mask attack, Dictionary attack and Smart attack.

Brute-Force is the most powerful password attack type, applied to all kinds of situation. But Mask attack requires you remember part of forgotten password clearly. If you want to select Dictionary attack, your forgotten password should be regular. And Smart attack isn’t used usually, but when you couldn’t choose other three options, Smart attack can be another try.

Step 4: Recover Office document forgotten password

When you finish setting parameters for following password recovery ways or password attack types, just click “Start” to recover Office password.
  • Brute-Force: Set the password range and length.
  • Mask: Set the password range, length and Mask.
  • Dictionary: Set the dictionary path or default.

About few seconds later, a new window would pop up, which lists forgotten Word or Excel password. Copy it and Open your Word document or Excel spreadsheet. 
So even though you don't have password to open Office file, such as Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Access/Outlook file, you still could use Office Password Genius to help open them.

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