May 5, 2015

How to Bypass WinZip Password after Forgot or Lost

After WinZip password forgot or lost, the first step may be to get WinZip password. Then bypass WinZip password can be come true.
  • Step 1: Get WinZip password with zip password recovery freeware or shareware
  • Step 2: Bypass WinZip file simple or complex password

Now see how to use freeware or shareware to bypass WinZip forgotten or lost password.

Method 1: Bypass WinZip password with free zip password recovery tools

If you have no freeware for winzip password recovery, in the following passage several freeware are introduced. You can choose one from them.

According to the detailed introductions about zip password recovery tools, choose one that is suitable for your WinZip file. After getting password with free zip password recovery tools, check whether the software you choose can help you to recover your winzip file password. If not, you should turn to Method 2.

Method 2: Bypass WinZip file password with shareware ZIP Password Genius

This shareware would be your saver when you cannot extract WinZip file without password. It helps you easily find WinZip password.

1. Prepare ZIP Password Genius and install it on your computer where WinZip file is stored.

2. Run it after complete installation. Then import WinZip file with Open button. Also, you can click File - Open File tab to open WinZip file in ZIP Password Genius.

run zip password genius for winzip password bypass

import winzip file to bypass password

3. It’s time to set password recovery attack method.

Under Type of attack, Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart, these four password attack types are provided for you to recover WinZip password powerfully. According to the possible WinZip password features, Brute-force and Dictionary are best choices. Brute-force can recover WinZip password forcibly. And Mask makes full use of password possible features to recover WinZip password.

4. When all of things have been prepared, click Start button to recover WinZip password. In the pop-up window, you can copy the WinZip password to save or open WinZip file directly.

recover winzip password successfully

5. Extract WinZip file with recovered password in WinRAR.

extract winzip file with recovered password

6. Create new WinZip file with contents in previous WinZip file. Remember don’t set a password to protect the new WinZip file.

bypass password to create new winzip file

Now do you have any questions about how to bypass WinZip password after forgot or lost? If you have, you can learn more about freeware or shareware for WinZip password recovery. 

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