May 17, 2015

How to Find RAR Password after Forgot or Lost It

  • I just downloaded a RAR file from Internet. However, when I began to open it, I found it is encrypted.
  • I have ever encrypted my RAR file, but I forgot its password when I want to open it.
  • RAR file is protected with password and saved in my computer safely, also the RAR file password. But it is strange that, I cannot find RAR file password on where I have ever saved. RAR file password lost
From the above cases, we can see that RAR file cannot be opened because of password forgot or lost. So how can we find RAR forgotten or lost password?

First, try to find RAR password in RAR archive or from where you got.

If your RAR archive is gotten from Internet, turn back to where you got it, probably password is provided there, but you have never noticed. Or RAR password is saved in a text document of the folder you downloaded. It is there all the time but never opened. So why not first check the RAR archive carefully or website you receive the RAR file?

If RAR password cannot be found with above tries, then it should be found with other more effective ways or tools, such as RAR Password Genius. You won’t have to consider anything, just need to prepare RAR archive and RAR Password Genius. And follow steps below to do.

Second, find RAR password after forgot or lost with effective RAR Password Genius.

Step 1: Run RAR Password Genius after successful installation on computer.

When you take cost into consideration, you had better choose trial or full version according to the possible RAR password. Trial version is free, and it supports no more than 3-characters password. Full version should be paid, but it supports any forgotten RAR password find regardless of password length or complexity.

run rar password finder to find rar password

Step 2: Add encrypted RAR archive to RAR password finder tool.

With Open button on toolbar, or File - Open File menu, you can easily browse all your computer hard drive and look for RAR archive you want to open. When you see it, select it and add it to rar password finder, RAR Password Genius. If there is no problem, it should be in Encrypted File box.

add encrypted rar archive to rar password finder

Step 3: Choose recovery method to find RAR password.

In RAR Password Genius, there are four password recovery methods in all. Everyone has its features. Therefore, before you make password recovery settings for recovery method you choose, think about which one is better for finding RAR archive password. Select it from drop-down list of "Type of attack".

password recovery settings to find rar password

At last, click "Start" button to find forgotten RAR password.

find rar password after forgot or lost

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