November 28, 2014

Locked out of iTunes Backup – How to Reset iTunes Backup Password

At the moment of unlocking iTunes backup to restore my iOS device, iTunes prompted me that the password is wrong. But I need a right iTunes backup password now. Otherwise, I couldn’t restore iOS device from iTunes backup.

If you are preparing to restore iOS device from iTunes backup, and now when the iTunes backup is locked with password, you can turn to use iCloud backup to restore device.

If not, reset iTunes backup password will be necessary and the first thing you should do if you want to restore iOS device from backup.

How to reset iTunes backup password when locked out of iTunes backup?

Now I will introduce two ways that are separately available for Mac computer and Windows computer users. Please see followings.

Part 1: Reset iTunes Backup Password on Mac Computer.

If you are a Mac computer user, and keep the password in Keychain on Mac computer, you can get backup password with this option.

Step 1: Open the Keychain Access utility from Application – Utilities.

Step 2: Search your device name, iPhone or iPad in the top-right side field. Look for a keychain item named "iPhone backup" or "iPad Backup" of kind "application password".

Step 3: Double click the keychain item and click on the "Show password" checkbox in the new window.

Step 4: Enter your password (the one locked your Mac) to show the iOS device backup password. Click Allow (once). Then you can see the idevice backup password in clear text.

Part 2: Reset iTunes Backup Password on Windows Computer.

If you are a Windows computer user, there is one effective tool that can recover iTunes backup password easily and instantly, iTunes Password Genius.

Step 1: Open isunshare website and download iTunes Password Genius.

Step 2: Install iTunes Password Genius trial or full version on Windows computer.

Choose trial or full version based on the length of iTunes backup password. So if it is less than 3 characters, select trial version. If not, select full version.

Step 3: Run iTunes Password Genius and add encrypted iTunes backup.

Click Open button after iTunes Password Genius runs. And then choose latest new backup you created in pop-up screen. Click "OK" and it will be imported into iTunes backup password recovery tool.

Step 4: Recover iTunes backup password after password attack settings.
  • First, select one password attack type from "Type of attack" drop-down box.
  • Second, make settings for password attack type you choose.
  • Third, click "Start" button to recover iTunes backup password.
    Until a new window appears and prompts you that what the encrypted iTunes backup password is, copy it and take it to unlock locked iTunes backup
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