February 21, 2014

How to Optimize Windows 7 to Run Faster

After you have run Windows 7 for a long time, or you have just installed it on your computer, it is necessary to optimize Windows 7 to make computer run faster. These works would make efforts on your daily life, work and entertainment.

Now let’s discuss how to make Windows 7 run faster on four aspects.
  1. Unload System Components
  2. Close Useless Services
  3. Shut down part of the desktop effects
  4. Optimize system startup

1. Unload Windows 7 System Components 

Close unnecessary components, makes your Windows 7 run faster.

There are many components or tools that we rarely use or never use. For example, network service like Windows Media Player, IIS and Telnet are not used often; some built-in games have not ever used. If we are sure they are not useful for us, unloading these system components or tools would let Windows system more relaxed, and Windows system will run faster to some extent. Speed improved from unloading components would not come true by third-party tools.

Because all these tools and components are not found in Control Panel, most of computer users don’t know how to delete them. Actually the method is easy.

First, open Control Panel – Uninstall a program, and choose “Turn Windows features on or off” on the left side of window. Second, a new window “Windows Features” would pop up. A filled box means that only part of the feature is turned on.  If you want to turn a feature on, select its check box. To turn a feature off, clear its check box. Click “OK” button to unload these Windows 7 features
unload windows 7 system components
Tips: In different versions of Windows 7 operational system, system components are not the same. Table PC, Windows Media Center and Windows DVD Maker only appear in Windows 7 home premium and above versions.

If you want to turn one Windows feature on, open “Windows Features” window again and select its check box, and click “OK” to save Windows changes.

2. Close Windows 7 Useless Services 

In Windows 7, a lot of services are used to support Windows running default. These services will take up lots of resources when they run. So if turn off these services when we don’t need them to run some Windows 7 features, Windows could be optimized reasonably. Windows running speed will surely improve.

Right click “Computer” and select “Manage”, “Computer Management” window appears. Choose Services and Applications – Services, all the services on this computer system would be seen. Double click the services you prepare to close, in the General – Startup type, you could see Win 7 four kinds of startup ways for services, Automatic, Automatic (Delayed Start), Manual and Disabled.
close useless services for windows 7 optimization
And “Automatic” and “Automatic (Delayed Start)” are the two reasons leading to Windows system startup slowly and disk running right along. Generally, we could set some services “Manual” according to “Description” of them. So the services will not start up when we boot computer.

3. Shut down part of the desktop effects

Besides above system components and services, some desktop effects also take up Windows resources. Especially when computer configuration is low as a whole, Aero Peek and Desk Composition would become a huge drag on system performance.

Right click “Computer” and select Properties – Advanced system settings – Performance – Settings. Clear check box of “Enable desktop composition” and click “OK”. 
shut down windows 7 desktop effects
Tips: This way will speed up Windows 7 and you still could experience Windows 7 effects at the same time.

4. Optimize Windows 7 system startup

Windows 7 optimization could be made on Windows system startup too. Type in “msconfig” command in Start Menu, and open “System Configuration”.  Click Boot – Advanced options, and select “Number of processors” and “Maximum memory” and set it as optional value maximum. Click “OK” and reboot computer following prompting messages.
 optimize windows 7 startup
Except introduction above, lots of Windows default fonts also take up some Windows resources. Deleting some fonts you don’t need is an effective way to make Windows 7 run faster. And at the same time, you would get better experience when using Word, Excel and PPT etc Office software.

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