September 14, 2015

Forgot Windows 10 Microsoft Account Password No Reset Disk

Microsoft account (MSN account) has been set to login Windows 10 computer. However, I forgot Microsoft account password and it could not sign in Windows 10 now, and there is no reset disk available to reset Windows 10 local user password. So how can I do to login into Windows 10 again without reset disk?

No reset disk for resetting Windows 10 Microsoft account password? Please follow the way below to sign in Windows 10 again.

Reset Win 10 Microsoft account password on Microsoft account password reset page

On Microsoft account password reset page, you could easily reset forgotten Microsoft account password without any other help.  What you need to do is to follow the wizards on the password reset page to do step by step.

1. Open Microsoft account password reset page, and choose the reason "I forgot my password". Click Next.

choose Windows 10 Microsoft account password reset reason

2.  Type Microsoft account you want to reset its password, and verification code, and click Next.

enter Microsoft account to reset password

3. Choose the way you want to get security code, e-mail, text messages or call. Usually, the e-mail is used commonly to receive security code to verify your identity. So type the email you want to get security code and click "Send code".

choose the way to get security code

4. Sign into your e-mail and you can see the security code in e-mail Microsoft has sent to you.

get Microsoft account password reset code

5. Enter security code you get in Code box, and click Next.

enter security code to verify Microsoft account

6. Now you can reset the Microsoft account password. Type a new password twice for Microsoft account and click Next.

reset windows 10 Microsoft account forgotten password

You will be prompted that "Your account has been recovered", and "Your password was changed". Now you can click Next to sign in Microsoft with the account and new password. Or use it to login in your Windows 8/10 computer that has been set to sign in with Microsoft account.

successfully recover Microsoft account and change password

Surely, if your Windows 10 computer is set to login with local user account automatically, only you reset Windows 10 local user password, can you sign in Windows 10 computer again with local account and new password or without password.

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