September 5, 2015

Windows 8 File Recovery - How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 8

How can you do to recover Windows 8 files when Windows 8 data lost or deleted?

As is known, while Windows 8 is refreshed, reset, formatted, or attacked by virus etc, there is a great possibility that, Windows 8 data would be lost or deleted. It also seems that lost Windows 8 data could not be recovered longer.

But is it real? I don’t think so. Data recovery tool I have used to recover my Windows 7 computer has ever easily restore Windows 7 deleted data back. I think this tool would also apply to Windows 8 file recovery. Now let’s see how does it recover Windows 8 deleted files?

Step 1: Download and install data recovery tool Data Genius on computer.

Step 2: Run it and choose Window 8 data recovery mode.

choose windows 8 file recovery mode

Deleted Recovery mode is the default data recovery mode that is intended to deleted files from computer, removable data storage, such as USB device or CD/DVD-ROM. If you think it is OK for you, just need to click “Next” button to go on.

If you want to make data recovery address in more detail, you can choose another data recovery mode, such as Format Recovery, Raw File Recovery and Partition Recovery.

Step 3: Select the driver where Windows 8 lost data, such as C:/ and click Scan button to browse Windows driver.

About few seconds or minutes later, Windows 8 deleted data are found and shown in new screen.  

Step 4: Preview Windows 8 deleted data one by one folder and check the Windows 8 lost data you want to recover.

Step 5: Click Recover button to restore and save Windows 8 deleted data on computer.

When you have checked all of lost Windows 8 data you want to recover, just click "Recover" button and choose a folder in pop-up dialog to save the data that will be recovered. Instantly, Data Genius will prompt you that "Recovery is finished". Now click "OK" and finish Windows 8 file recovery.

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