March 24, 2015

Is There Available Default Administrator for Windows 10 Logon

If you remember when we forgot password to login windows 8/7/vista/xp, built-in administrator is always used to login Windows computer in safe mode. Believe you would ask whether there would be also available default administrator for Windows 10.

Q 1: Is there default administrator available in Windows 10?

To be honest, there is default administrator for Windows 10, but it is not available default. If we want it available, we have to enable it by ourselves.

Until default administrator is enabled in Windows 10, we can see it on logon screen and choose it to login into Windows 10 without password.

Q 2: When Windows 10 default administrator is available?

When Windows 10 default administrator can be seen even if it is not enabled manually?

It is like previous Windows systems, default administrator is available when Windows 10 is in safe mode. From the point of view, there would be another way resetting Windows 10 password after Windows 10 administrator password forgot. This way is called reset Windows 10 password in safe mode with default administrator.

Q 3: How to make full use of Windows 10 default administrator?

As soon as Windows 10 default administrator is realized and is available, what can we make it do for us during Windows 10 computer use?
  1. Login Windows 10 in safe mode when other user accounts are locked.
  2. Run programs with admin privileges.
  3. Reset Windows 10 user password in safe mode.

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