January 22, 2015

How to Create a New PDF Document with Word/Excel/PowerPoint or Other Files

As a popular document read mode, PDF format is used usually on computer, mobile phone and other digital devices. So many other files types are converted to PDF document for reading more conveniently. Now let's see how can we create a new PDF document from other files?

Three Methods to Create a PDF document from Word/Excel/PowerPoint or other files:

Method 1: Save Word/Excel/PowerPoint as PDF format document

Step 1: Open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint 2007 or newer versions, and click File – Save As.

choose Word save as option

Step 2: In the pop-up Save As window, set a name. Browse Save as type, and choose PDF. Click Save.

save Word document as PDF document

Method 2: Create PDF with Word/Excel/PowerPoint by Adobe Acrobat Menu

After you install Adobe Acrobat, there will be a new menu "Acrobat" in Word/Excel/PowerPoint menu. Several options are provided in Acrobat, such as "Create PDF".

Step 1: Open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint 2007 or newer versions file.

Step 2: Click Acrobat menu and choose Create PDF option under it.

create PDF document from Word with Acrobat menu

Method 3: Create PDF with any files by combining files in Acrobat

After you install Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, one new option "Combine files in Acrobat" is added to right-click menu. No matter which kind of file you want to create as a PDF file, just combine them and save it is OK. Then a new PDF file will be created, which includes all of the content of files you add.

Step 1: Right click one file you want to add to the new PDF. And choose "Combine files in Acrobat" in right-click menu.

choose Combine files in Acrobat option

Step 2: In Combine Files window, you can see the file you just clicked. Now click Add Files – Add Files button.

create Add Files button in Combine Files window

Or you can open a PDF file first, and then click File – Create – Combine Files into a Single PDF.

choose Combine Files into a Single PDF

Then "Combine Files" window also appears.

Combine Files window appears

Step 3: Select the files you want to add to the new PDF, and click Open.

open files to combine into PDF

If there are still files you want to add, repeat above two steps.

Step 4: When all of files have been added, arrange the files and make them listed as you like.

arrange added files list

Step 5: Confirm and click Combine Files.

combine files into PDF document

Step 6: After they are added into new PDF file and open, press Ctrl + S to save it.

save as a new PDF document

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