March 13, 2014

Where Should Go If No Available Support for Windows XP

Since Microsoft announced they would quit providing security patches and system repair for Windows XP, and appealed to upgrading to Windows7 or Windows 8, different kinds of speculations appear. Where would Windows XP users go?

There are three choices available for them.
  1. Upgrade to new version of Windows system just as the thought of Microsoft.
  2. Change to use Linux operational system.
  3. Keep Windows XP run in computer.
I think insist on using Windows XP is the last step when there is no support from Microsoft. But it is surprising that, according to the research in last December, still 29% PC users and laptop users are using Windows XP. And Windows XP accounts for 32% of the whole Windows systems. This is a very large proportion.

Why there are still so many people choose to insist on using Windows XP? Possibly because:

1. The newest version of Windows system, Windows 8 is not credible enough.

Even though Windows 8 integrates all features of PC and tablet, and brings new experience to Windows system users, it still ignores the real demand of laptop users, because laptops are not taken with tough screen. Besides, for Chinese computer users, auto input method framework is not suitable. And it’s hard for them to delete Microsoft auto input method and switch between Chinese and English.

2. Windows XP is still able to work for computer user.

When considering Windows XP is still a nice Windows operating system, and lots of cost are needed to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8, it will not a surprise to see many computer users keep using Windows XP.

Because of without Microsoft security support, there are still other software providers willing to support Windows XP running.

For example, most of anti-virus corporations will support Windows XP users in later few years. And especially for Chinese Windows users, Microsoft said it would provide system security support.

But if you insist on running Windows XP, it is necessary to follow some suggestions.

First, your Windows system has to be the latest version of Windows XP, SP3. And all the update pack is from Microsoft until Microsoft stop updating. Try your best to upgrade to the latest version to reduce risk.

Second, make sure your computer has been protected by security software.
You can consider free anti-virus software from Microsoft or third-party security bundle.

However, as long as you are running Windows XP, the risk is not going.

1. Though there are so much third-party anti-virus software works for Windows XP, hackers would go on to find Windows new loophole. And now there has not been free security support from Microsoft, keep Windows safe becomes more and more difficult.

2. DEP for Windows XP has existed in name only because more and more malicious programs have broken DEP. So when Windows XP goes through the same virus as Windows 8, Windows XP will be more dangerous than Windows 8.

Besides, both OEM and Microsoft hope Windows users could turn to choose Windows 8. From the perspective of Windows system security or computer security, Windows XP replaced is sooner or later in this era of information security. But that is no doubt that Windows XP would still exist in later few years.

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