March 17, 2014

Tips or Tricks for Windows Server 2012 Usage

Windows Server 2012 is new Windows server operational system, which is designed based on Windows 8. So it is different from previous server operating system. If you operate Windows server 2012 like before, that would be difficult. Therefore, now this passage gives some tips and tricks to use Windows server 2012 effectively.

Tip 1: How to find Windows Server 2012 traditional “Start” Menu

Windows server 2012 also removes “Start” menu from taskbar. Maybe there are so many server computer users unhappy about it, but this is truth. Now let’s see how we can find traditional “Start” menu.

windows server 2012 start menu

Actually, “Start” menu has not disappeared. It is just removed to the left bottom side of traditional desktop. But users couldn’t see it only if move mouse there. Click it, and experience new functions setting in Start menu, including Server Manager, Task Management, Computer etc common applications. Double-click the application picture, and it opens. If click it, we can delete or remove it. If we want to turn back to desktop, just click “Desktop”.

windows server 2012 start menu

Or move the mouse to the right bottom side of window, and you would see “Start” menu like in Windows 8, click it and Start screen appears.

Tip 2: How to find software or tools in Windows server 2012

In Windows server 2012 start screen, what we can see is not what we think of. There are so many tools and software that we don’t know where they are. In fact, it is simple. We just need to right click in the blank section of Windows start screen. And then there would be a option “All Apps” pop up in the bottom side. Click it and we could see the tools page.

In the tools page, we can see effective tools in Windows server 2012. If we use one application usually, we can right click it and add it to desktop, taskbar or login with administrator etc.

Tip 3: How to shut down Windows server 2012 computer fast

Windows server 2012 shutdown problem also troubles computer users because of no “Start” menu on traditional desktop. So sometimes we could only shut down server computer with Task Manager. It is helpless. Now this passage summarizes four ways to shut down Windows server 2012.

1. Press Windows + I or move mouse to the right bottom side of desktop, Menu and Toolbars. Click “Power” and "Shut down" Windows server 2012.

2. Press Alt + F4 on traditional desktop to open application close window. In traditional desktop, Alt + F4 is used to close Metro applications.

3. Press “Ctrl + Alt + Del”, Windows shutdown options would appear in the right bottom corner of desktop.

4. Press Windows + R to run command “shutdown.exe -s -t 00”.
Run command prompt with administrator, type in “powercfg/H on”. “Power” option is open. Click “Must type password when wake up” in the left side, and tick the “Fast Boot”. And you could start and shut down Windows server computer fast.

Refer to: How to enable fast boot and shut down Windows server 2012

Tip 4: How to adjust performance to optimize programs

Open Server Manager – Local Server, click computer name and System Properties window pops up. Select Advanced – Performance, and choose “Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only” in Data Execution Prevention. Select “Adjust to optimize performance” – “Programs”. And then click “Change Button” in virtual memory, don’t tick “Automatic management of all drives paging file size”. Choose system drive, select “No page file” and click “Settings” button so as to delete virtual memory files in system volume.
adjust windows server 2012 to optimize performance

Tip 5: How to disable Enhanced IE security settings

Open Server Manager – Local Server – Enhanced IE security settings, and then change “Enabled” to “Disabled”.

Tip 6: How to not boot Server Manager when Windows logon

Open Server Manager, and click Manage– Server Management Properties, and choose “Don't automatically start server manager when logon”.

don't start server manager when windows server 2012 logon

Tip 7: How to set input method switch shortcut

If you are Chinese people, please pay attention to that English and Chinese input method switch shortcut is not the same as previous Windows operational system. Now open Control Panel – Language – Change Language Hotkey, set their switch shortcut as “Ctrl +Shift”.

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