April 7, 2015

Access Database Password Reset with Access Password Recovery Tool

How is access password recovery tool? Is it really available for Access database password reset? When encountering access password problem, this tool is always mentioned. So we should have to realize and understand it eventually if we wish the problem solved effectively.

As soon as you search the Internet, you would find there are so many access password recovery tools, seeming to be available all. But we can’t promise all of them are powerful or safe just by looking at them. So, which one is really effective tool for access password reset?

Now let’s see two popular ones, Access Password Genius and Office Password Genius and use them for access password reset.

Access Database Password Reset with Access Password Genius

See the detailed steps to reset Access database password with Access Password Genius, you would know whether it is or not.

access database password reset

Step 1: After running Access Password Genius, click "Open" button and you can browse access database file and import it into password tool. See the image.

Conclusion: You can import access database file into Access Password Genius successfully.

Step 2: In "Type of attack", select one of password attack types and set password range, length, dictionary etc for it.

Conclusion: You can choose password reset method for access database file.

Step 3: Click "Start" button and instantly access database password pops up in a window.

Conclusion: Access password reset program is so easily to be startup only needing to click one button.
Even though the above three steps looks simple, they are enough to reset access database file password.

Access Database Password Reset with Office Password Genius

After you run Office Password Genius, you would find its interface is similar to Access Password Genius.
Actually, the steps to reset Access password with Office Password Genius is similar to with Access Password Genius too. The only difference is that Office Password Genius could import more kinds of files, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook file. Moreover, these files password can be reset like access database file.

reset access database password with password recovery tool

With more functionality but the same cost, I think Office Password Genius is more worthwhile than Access Password Genius at this angle.


Access Password Genius is surely effective tool for access password reset. But compared with Office Password Genius, Office Password Genius seems to be better because more file password can be reset.

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