September 17, 2018

3 Ways to Find Back Your Lost iTunes Password Easily

With so many accounts and passwords online, are you able to figure out the signing up iTunes password and the related details? We both will feel confused when we failed in the login page as if the password is bound to be right in our mind. Thus, there is no doubt that many people search for the password recovery methods to get back their iTunes account or reset its password.

3 Ways to Find Back Your Lost iTunes Password Easily

Here we will share the 3 ways to find back your lost or forgotten iTunes password. After reading this article, you will know how easy it is to reset iTunes password and access your account as well as recover your original account.

Top 1: Reset forgotten iTunes password with Apple online service

Apple website ( offers the after-sales services for you to reset the forgotten password. You can quickly get back your account with the Gmail or a set of security question.

i.              Go to the Apple ID account page and find the option of “forgot Apple ID or password.”

forget iTunes password

ii.              Enter your iTunes account and click Continue to go ahead.

forget iTunes password

iii.              Select the way you want to unlock account. You can choose the email method or security questions.

unlock iTunes

iv.              Reset your iTunes password :

1.      If you choose to unlock your account via the email, you will get an email with the directions to reset the iTunes password. You just need to check the email account and click the “Reset your Apple ID” link in the email to access the reset page. You just need to follow the steps to set the new password to update your account.

reset iTunes password

2.      If you prefer to reset the password through the security question, the website will ask you to give answers to a series of questions. When all of your answers accord with the account details, it will lead you to reset the new password.

reset iTunes password

Top 2: Take advantage of Apple’s Two-step Verification to get back your account

This method only suits to the people who have set up the two-step verification in this website: . You just need to visit the website and enter the Recovery key which is provided when you enabled two-step verification. Then, you can choose a reliable device which Apple will send it the verification code. And you need to enter the verification code on the website and click “Next”. Finally, you will be brought to set a new password for your account.

reset iTunes password

Top 3: Ask Apple Support for help

If you failed to reset the password because your email is invalid and the answers to the security question are uncorrected, as well as you did not set the Two-Step verification, what can you do to find back your account? To recover iTunes Passcode, the most direct way in this situation is ask for Apple customer support to help you. You just need to visit this page:  and choose your country to retrieve the contact number of Apple support. In this way, you can reflect your problems to their CS agent which will help you to solve the issues until your get back your account.

reset iTunes password

Useful tip: how do I find out my iTunes backup password?

What do we mean by iTunes backup password? It is the password you set up to protect the iTunes backup data. When you lost iTunes backuppassword, you can access iTunes center but unable to recover the backup data. iSunshare iTunes Password Genius is highly recommend to you as it can help you to recover iTunes backup password without data loss and helps you to restore contacts, calendars, notes and etc., with iTunes backup.

l  Free download the software and launch it after installation. Click “Open” button to add the encrypted iTunes backup file.
l  Select the password recovery method: Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart.
l  Set the corresponding recovery details
l  Click “Start” to begin the recovery process. And you will get the password after few minutes.

recover iTunes backup password

So, do you know how to unlock iTunes account and recover iTunes backup password now? It is easy if you make efforts to find out the solutions. Hope you are out of the problems now!

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