May 24, 2018

Windows Login Password/Power on Password/HDD/SSD Password, which is the most security?

Windows Login Password is the most widely used option to protected a computer, but it is the easiest one for resetting or recovering compare to Power on password and HDD/SSD password.

From the following video, you will see that a Windows  forgotten Password can be reset in 5 minutes.

The following video shows you how to remove or reset a power on password by removing the battery of the laptop. From the video guide, we can see that it is very to remove or clear a power on password.

Also, I want to find some ways to reset or remove forgotten password for HDD or SSD. I tried HDD password unlocker, PC3000 and hdd_pw, but none of them works with my Toshiba Q300 Pro SSD. Many video guides on show show to remove a HDD password, I found those ways don't work on my HDD and SSD. If you have good solutions to remove a forgotten hdd/ssd password, please do tell us.

Now, I think you have the idea which password protection is the best. So if your computer and HDD/SSD support HDD/SSD password setting, please set a HDD/SSD password to keep data safe on disk. See this article how to set a hdd/ssd password to check whether you laptop supports HDD/SSD password and set a password to your hdd/ssd.

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